Funny Father's Day Memes For 2017

One of the many great things dads give to their children is humor. After all, dads are famous for their maybe not-so-great "dad jokes." They're always ready to add a clever quip, sarcastic remark, or full-blown joke to lighten the mood and make you smile or laugh, but even if you don't laugh at their joke, it's likely that they'll laugh at it themselves. For these dads, funny Father's Day 2017 memes are one of the best ways to celebrate them and all the humor they add to your life.

If the conversation on Twitter is any indication, dads love memes — probably because they play directly into their love of bad jokes and silly puns. They're easy to share through a quick text, a post on social mead, or even printed out and put into a card. Share these 10 funny fatherhood-related memes with your dad for a Father's Day celebration that's really all about him and the things he enjoys, rather than whatever plans are important to you. And for at least one day, go ahead and actually laugh — instead of groan — at his jokes. That might be his favorite gift of the year.


Time Out

Dad finally gets a taste of his own medicine.


Good Night's Sleep

He's patiently waited for his baby to give him the best gift ever.


Still Have Chores

What a relaxing way to spend the Father's Day weekend, right?


Dad, Is That You?

Poor Bruce just wants to get to know his dad.


At Least I Tried

You tried to do something nice for you dad on Father's Day to thank him for all he's done for you and it just didn't work out.


Aren't Kids Great?

Happy Father's Day, Dad.


Don't Even Think About It, Dad

Thanks and all that, Dad, but no more of those green and orange veggies.


Oops, It Was A Typo

Who's a better father than yours? He'll get a kick out of this completely accidental typo.


TV Time

Dad's favorite time just might be TV time, which is why his kids have to go to such great lengths, but they know he loves them.


Thanks, Dad

You're all equally terrible. Thanks, Dad.