10 Funny Father's Day 2018 Shirts For The Dad Who Wears His Heart On His Chest


Are t-shirts the new ties? Back when dads all used to wear more formal attire to the office, ties were the ubiquitous Father's Day gift. But now that most dads only seem to wear ties to weddings and funerals, t-shirts are the new go-to present this time of year. If the dad in your life, whether he's your own dad or your partner or even your brother, likes a good laugh, why waste the day on a serious present? Instead, opt for one of these funny Father's Day shirts for the dad with a sense of humor, because if you can't laugh at the sheer amount of sleep you're missing these days, what can you do?

Funny Father's Day t-shirts are sort of the equivalent of the humble brag — allowing the dad in your life to let everyone around know that they are dads, which is a pretty special thing that perhaps doesn't earn quite as much celebration as mothering does. But taking that humble brag with a slice of humor is definitely the way to go. There's a funny Father's Day shirt for every kind of dad, from the golfer to the coffee-drinker.

If your dad or partner doesn't take himself or his lack of sleep too seriously, these shirts are for him.

1You Can't Scare Me Tee

You Can't Scare Me Tee


The general idea of three kids would scare a lot of people, and this tee would definitely advertise how tough that dad in your life is!

2Instant Dad Tee

Instant Dad Tee


If only it was that easy! But coffee does make it possible for most of us to parent, so it's almost as accurate as it is hilarious.

3Walking Dad Tee

Walking Dad Tee


Dads love puns, right? This t-shirt is perfect for the dad who's in the thick of newborn sleeplessness or sleep training and will help take the edge off that exhaustion, at least for a little while. You might want to pair it with a coupon for a nap.

4Best Dad By Par Tee

Best Dad By Par Tee


For the golfing dad with a sense of humor, this will make him chuckle. And it will be the perfect tee to show off to his golf buddies on the course.

5New Dad Tee

New Dad Tee


If your partner has just become a dad, you may as well let him announce it to the world that he's still a rookie on team fatherhood. That will instantly explain the bags under his eyes and the well-stocked diaper man purse he's toting.

6Dad Jokes Or Rad Jokes Tee

Dad Jokes Or Rad Jokes Tee


Who would have thought it would be possible to make a dad joke about dad jokes? This t-shirt is perfect for the dad who thinks he's very funny in that way that only dads can be.

7The Man Behind The Bump Tee

The Man Behind The Bump Tee


Lest there be any confusion as to who caused the bump, this t-shirt puts it all out there for the world to know. Probably better for him to wear this tee when he knows he'll be standing next to you and not his pregnant sister. That could be mighty confusing.

8Dad Of Two Boys Tee

Dad Of Two Boys Tee


There are other iterations of this shirt (Dad of three boys, dad of two girls, etc.) and it's a good thing, because that low battery icon symbolizes how most parents feel most days, no matter how many kids they have.

9Time To Hit The Bottle Tee

Time To Hit The Bottle Tee


It's a whole new world when you're a new parent, and while there are probably quite a few other kinds of bottles around for new dads, baby bottles are of primary importance. May as well poke a little fun at it with a cute tee!

10Does This Shirt Make Me Look Like A Dad Tee

Does This Shirt Make Me Look Like A Dad Tee


Some dads are just extra proud of their newfound status as dads and this t-shirt is the perfect way to hint to the world that they're in the club.