10 Funny Father's Day 2018 Shirts For The Dad Who Wears His Heart On His Chest


Are t-shirts the new ties? Back when dads all used to wear more formal attire to the office, ties were the ubiquitous Father's Day gift. But now that most dads only seem to wear ties to weddings and funerals, t-shirts are the new go-to present this time of year. If the dad in your life, whether he's your own dad or your partner or even your brother, likes a good laugh, why waste the day on a serious present? Instead, opt for one of these funny Father's Day shirts for the dad with a sense of humor, because if you can't laugh at the sheer amount of sleep you're missing these days, what can you do?

Funny Father's Day t-shirts are sort of the equivalent of the humble brag — allowing the dad in your life to let everyone around know that they are dads, which is a pretty special thing that perhaps doesn't earn quite as much celebration as mothering does. But taking that humble brag with a slice of humor is definitely the way to go. There's a funny Father's Day shirt for every kind of dad, from the golfer to the coffee-drinker.

If your dad or partner doesn't take himself or his lack of sleep too seriously, these shirts are for him.