10 Hilarious Memes For Grandparents Day That Even Granny Will Appreciate

There's really nothing better in this world than your grandparents. They spoil you rotten, slip you dollar bills, and always remember your birthday. They bake you cookies, tell you stories about the 'good old days,' and teach you important life lessons. Since National Grandparents Day is just a few days away —this year it's Sunday, September 9 — now is the perfect time to pay tribute to all the great Nana's and Papa's out there. Here are 13 memes for Grandparents Day 2018 that totally capture all of their lovable quirks.

My 93-year-old grandma is just the cutest little white-haired wonder I have ever seen. Without fail, before I'm even in the door, she's offering me a cookie or a 7-Up. She uses disposable wind-up cameras (I know, it's crazy they even still make those!) and still does her daily crossword puzzle. I definitely don't see her as much as I should, but I guess that's what National Grandparents Day is for — to get us to pick up the phone, put a card in the mail, or visit the people in our life who have always been there for us, good ol' gran and gramps.

Sure, they're tech challenged and probably shouldn't be allowed behind the wheel, but that's what makes them grandparents. So, without further ado, here are 13 hilarious memes that will make you want to call your grandparents stat.


They're Tech-Challenged

It's true, most grandparents don't have a clue about technology. But, since many were born before televisions were even invented, I guess they get a pass for not knowing how to use an iPhone.


They're Driving Skills Are Questionable

If there's one sound that I associate with my grandpa, it's his Buick's turn signal. I'm not sure what it is about grandparents and blinkers, but they sure do love to let the world know when they're turning.


They Love To Feed You!

Grandmas love "putting some skin on your bones." You got to love that when you leave Grandma's house, you're about five pounds heavier.


They're Invested In Your Love Life

Grandparents are kind of like the original Tinder. They always are on the lookout for your perfect mate, even if that person is already, you know, engaged...


They Want You To Put Down Your Phone Already

"Kids these days, always on their phones!" said every grandparent ever. But maybe they're on to something. They certainly seem to have longer attention spans than we do.


They Make Epic Dinners

The best thing about going to your grandma's for a Sunday dinner is that you get to sit back and chill, while she somehow makes whipping up a multi-course meal look effortless.


Their Voicemails Are Priceless

Whether you grandparents' voicemails are insanely long, or mostly just heavy breathing, you really should save them because they're pretty precious.


They're Dapper AF

Grandpas know a thing or two about grooming. Whether it's a perfect shave, or a snappy bowtie, men of that generation know how to put a look together. Take note, sons!


They Treat You Like A King/Queen

Grandparents know how to spoil you rotten, and that usually means endless sweets and a handful of dollar bills!


They're Always Early

You know that your grandparents will always be the first ones there, no matter what. Maybe a little too early, but hey, they've got that Early Bird Special to get to.