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10 Funny Pride Parade Sign Ideas That Will Totally Set The Mood

by Cat Bowen

There is something magical about Pride. It's a protest, it's a family gathering, it's the best parade you've ever been to and the most loving safe space you could ever enter. It's a protest and a declaration. Pride is the steadfast reminder that love is what matters, strength in numbers wins the war, and there's always something worth fighting for. When you get to the parade or festival, you'll notice one thing apart from the fabulousness — the signs. There are so many funny Pride parade sign ideas out there, but I've made it my job to gather some of the best.

While the tenor of Pride has shifted somewhat over the past several years, it still remains essentially a protest and an affirmation of the value and worth of the LGBTQIAP community. It wasn't that long ago that the gay community was granted the right to marry, and while that was a huge hurdle, recent events have proven that there's still so much more to fight for. The Pride parade is all about acknowledging that tolerance isn't enough. Tolerance can be manipulated or revoked. We need radical acceptance, and you can certainly get your point across with some funny, sassy, snarky signs held high above your head at Pride. (Also, don't forget your rainbows and maybe some fairy wings — the other best parts of Pride.)


Keep It Quirky

From London Pride, this silly sign is really cheeky, isn't it? Plus, if you're bringing your little ones around, they won't totally get it, which makes it even better.


I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watching Me

So does Alexa, I bet. I'm just saying.


Get A Little Naughty

This one is not kid-friendly, but kind of essential to their creation, so I guess it's how you look at it. Gun violence against the LGBTQIAP community has risen sharply since January 2017, according to Moneyish, and groups like Gays Against Guns are stepping forward to do something about it. They're working to lobby for stricter gun laws and better gun education. And if it takes a cheeky sign to get your point across, then so be it.


Albus Dumbledore Would Approve

I'd have to agree. 4 Privet Drive, Cupboard Under The Stairs is no where for a person to reside. Even if the closet is only in your own mind. It can take a lot of courage to come out, but this funny sign also gives those who are wary about it the reassurance they need — you are welcome here. And Harry Potter is the perfect book to lose your thoughts in if it ever gets too much.


A Valid Point

I mean, it's a fair question, isn't it? I might be partial, but seriously.


With All The Avengers Hoopla, Let's Gay It Up A Bit

via @ethan_mit on Twitter

Did you know that for a period in the DC universe, Batwoman, also known as Kate Kane, identified as a lesbian? Oh yes, she did, and the storyline is one of my favorites — arguably the best of the run. To be honest, there was way less drama than when she is hooking up with dudes.


For The Ally

Because we know not everyone at Pride is queer. Some are great allies, and this one at Pride in Rome clearly has a cheeky sense of humor.


Steel City Represent

This is a funny way to address a very concerning ruling by the Supreme Court. Bake the cake, for real. And if you're going to use religion as a reason to be discriminatory, maybe look into the actual teachings of your main man Jesus Christ.


Bringing The Receipts

Gays — they're everywhere. Even at Walmart.


For The Kids At Pride

I like her style. I'm not going to lie, I absolutely ship Queen Elsa and another snow queen. They could have the most fabulous icy wedding ever. Bonus points if Adam Rippon comes to skate along the frozen streets of Arendelle.