10 Genius Holiday Gifts New Moms Don't Even Realize They Need

Trying to decide what to gift the new mom in your life with this holiday season? Here's a tip: Chances are she got everything she needed for the baby back when she had her shower (and if she didn't, she probably Amazon Primed that stuff as soon as she got home from the hospital), so skip the breastfeeding pillow and the sling if you really want to make her spirit bright. Instead, these gifts for new moms she didn't know she needed in the first place are guaranteed to make her life at least a little bit easier (or prettier, or more comfortable, or something like that).

The point is, when you're shopping for a new mom, the idea is to put the focus on her instead of the baby. Not because she wouldn't love whatever baby-related present you have in mind, but because now that she's spending the majority of her time taking care of someone else, she's going to need to be taken care of occasionally, too. The gifts on this list are things she might never have thought of asking for, but she'll forever wonder how she lived without them once she has them. In fact, most of these things would be appreciated by just about any mom, novice or experienced.


For the Mom Who Can't Remember the Last Time She Took a Shower

4th Trimester New Mom Gift Box ($50, Bump Boxes)

Don't let anybody tell you otherwise: The fourth trimester is a real thing, including such common symptoms as acute exhaustion, hormonally-challenged skin, and having zero time to shower. This luxe gift box aims to help new moms feel a bit more human with products like Acure dry shampoo and cleansing towelettes, an energizing bath bomb from Glow 9 Organics, Bella B Post pregnancy recovery cream, and even a "Mommin' Ain't Easy" travel mug.


For the Mom Living on Frozen Dinners

Plated Gift Subscription (from $56, Plated)

Back in the old days, when a woman brought home a baby her family and friends would step up with a steady supply of casseroles and Crock Pot dinners to get her through those first days. Now, you can just give the gift of a subscription to a meal kit delivery service like Plated: Somebody will still have to cook the food, but at least there's no planning, shopping or prepping involved (and it beats having pizza AGAIN). If that's still overwhelming for the new parents, you could opt instead for a gift card to their favorite restaurant that delivers, or from places like Seamless or Caviar that will curate options based on their delivery zone.


For the Mom Who Hates Diaper Bags

Faux Leather Diaper Bag by The Honest Company ($170, Nordstrom)

When you think about diaper bags, "stylish" probably isn't the first word to come to mind. Then again, most diaper bags aren't designed by the always-stylish Jessica Alba (or her company, anyway). Faux leather means this bag is easy to clean, and it features lots and lots of pockets (with zippers!) plus an optional shoulder strap. She might say that she doesn't care what kind of diaper bag she gets as long as it works, but trust us, she'll appreciate a luxe looking one like this.


For the Mom Who Lives In Sweats

Lululemon Gift Card (Prices vary, Lululemon)

Putting real pants on after you have a baby is the literal worst. If you know a new mom who's taken to wearing her pajama pants to the grocery store, help upgrade her wardrobe to "comfy yet socially acceptable" with a gift card for some cozy yoga pants or sleek sweats (like the "On the Fly" pant for $98, pictured here). Why not just buy her the pants? Because you NEVER guess a new mom's size, that's why!


For the Mom Who Keeps Forgetting She's a Mom

Mom Heart Tag Charm ($100, Tiffany)

Because there's nothing like the thrill of opening a little blue box: Elegant and classic, this sterling silver charm from Tiffany is a sweet way to remind a sleep-deprived new mama that — oh yeah! Somebody's going to be calling her "Mom" for the rest of her life.


For the Mom Who's Really Psyched to Drink Coffee Again

Nescafe Dolce Gusto Genio ($100, Amazon)

After nine long months of cutting out (or at least cutting back on) coffee, this single-serve coffee and espresso drink machine is guaranteed to bring a boost of joy to her sleepless world. Plus, the whole single-serve thing will make it less likely for her to go overboard on caffeine (something breastfeeding moms have to think about), and another beauty of these pods is that they eliminate one less thing to wash.


For the Mom Who Can't Even Imagine Going Back to the Gym

Gaiam Printed Yoga Mat ($22, Amazon)

While some women are ready to jump right back into high-impact fitness post-baby, others need a gentler, more restorative option. A pretty yoga mat —ideally paired with a gift certificate to a nearby yoga studio and the promise of free childcare — could be just what her aching body craves. If you aren't local to offer your own babysitting skills, but you still want her to get her stretch on, a subscription to the virtual yoga service MTRNL specializes in postpartum yoga.


For the Mom Who Can't Be Bothered With Concealer

Elevation Sunglasses from Dharma Co. ($60, Dharma Co.)

You know what covers unde reye circles even better than makeup? Sunglasses — especially a stylish pair like this one that will help to distract from their dirty hair, as well.


For the Mom Who Wants More Art for the Nursery

Custom Cartoon Family Portrait (from $60, Etsy)

Even more fun than a family photo of a recently expanded clan, a custom cartoon illustration like the one shown here (from MartinelaToons) will look beyond adorable hanging in any baby's room — and no one else will have one quite like it!


For the Mom Whose Back Is Killing Her

Dual Temp Percussion Pro Hot & Cold Massager ($100, Homedics)

There's nothing like childbirth, breastfeeding, and carrying a newborn around 24/7 to make your body feel like you've been trampled by a herd of elephants. If she can't get out for a massage, a nifty gadget like this one brings the back rub straight to her door!

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