Your Husband Almost Won't Forgive You For These 10 Hilarious April Fools' Pranks

I used to hate April Fools' Day. From sun up until sun down, I was weary of everyone and everything. But one year I had an epiphany: it was time for me to embrace the day and my pranking power. As it turns out, April 1 is actually one of the greatest holidays around... at least, when you're the pranker instead of the prankee. Lucky for you, I've got some April Fools' Day pranks to play on your husband – a few of my personal favorites – so you can head into April with an arsenal of mischief.

While some of these pranks will require a bit of time, secrecy, and strategizing, others can be pulled off in a matter of minutes. In other words, there's really a prank here for every lifestyle. Of course, I'd also heartily recommend taking your husband's attitude and schedule into consideration before embarking on any of these – while some might be hysterical, you don't want your tomfoolery ruining his entire day or making him late to something important. For the most part, however, my April Fools' attitude is that everything is fair game.

My last word of advice? Set up a camera to capture his reaction. Trust me, that can be ten times funnier than the prank itself.


AutoCorrect Chaos

If you can get your hands on his iPhone without him noticing, have some fun with the "Text Replacement" feature. Go to the Settings app, and then click General, Keyboards, and finally Text Replacement. On this screen, you can set it up so that when he types certain words, it auto-replaces them with whatever word or phrase you select. Pick a few commonly used words and replace them with... well, anything you want. The weirder the better!

For example: I once replaced "Jack" and "Penny" (our dogs) with his parents' names, and getting a text that his "dad" had "pottied before he left for work" that morning made for some big laughs.


Spilled Nail Polish

My husband is an absolute neat freak, and I am not. I wouldn't say I'm messy, per se, but he's usually the one reminding me to use a coaster or wash my half-empty coffee mugs. Even if your husband isn't completely Type A, this fake spilled nail polish prank will certainly freak him out.

The YouTube video from Katrinaosity shows how to create a fake nail polish spill using a few simple ingredients. Get a little crafty, and then set up this faux spill somewhere that will really mortify your husband – I'd recommend someplace like your bed, couch, or the top of his laptop.


Grand Theft Auto

If you've got some free time on April 1 and a spare set of keys to his car, this one's for you. Head to wherever your husband is (work, an appointment, etc.) and sneakily move his car while he's inside. Then, head somewhere that you can spy on his reaction when he emerges.

In the best case scenario, he'll think he is having a major memory lapse and forgetting where he parked. In the worst case scenario, he'll go ballistic and assume his car has been stolen. Either way... his reaction will be golden.


Saran Wrap... Everything

We all know the Saran wrap over the toilet prank, and this one is every bit as funny without being quite as... well, gross. When your husband falls asleep on March 31 or before he wakes up on April 1, sneak around the house and Saran Wrap everything he uses on a normal morning. I'm talking coffee mugs, cereal box, toothbrush, body wash, towel, car keys – everything you can think of.

It might not be the most clever or high-brow prank in the book, but watching him slowly unwrap all of his belongings early in the morning is funny nonetheless.


The Classic Office Prank

Remember when Jim put Dwight's stapler in Jell-O? If your husband is a fan of The Office, he'll get a huge kick out of this prank, making it totally worth the extra effort it'll require. The YouTube video above from Delish will walk you through the process of Jell-O-ifying an object, but the trickiest aspect might be finding a time when your husband is out of the house (and away from the refrigerator) for a couple of hours.

While the O.G. prank uses a stapler, your husband probably won't be desperately needing to staple anything at home on April 1. I'd choose something he will want, like the TV remote or his toothbrush. (Just put it in a ZipLoc bag first!)


Phone Contact Mix-Up

This one is so simple yet so good. When your husband sets his phone down, sneakily change your name in his contact list to someone else's, like his friend, colleague, or parent. Then, have fun sending him bizarre texts "from" that person and watching his reaction. The weirder the texts, the more confused he'll be.


Vague Apology Note

Nothing elicits a good meltdown quite like thinking your vehicle, one of your prized possessions, is damaged, but obviously actually messing with your husband's car crosses a major April Fools' boundary. Instead, why not just make him think something his treasured ride is damaged?

Disguise your handwriting and draft a quick note to leave in his windshield. Say something along the lines of, "So sorry about the damage I left on your vehicle. Wish I could fix this, but I'm broke." Then, sit back and laugh knowing that he is going to be examining his car from top to bottom for those nonexistent dents and scratches.


Toilet Seat Poppers

How ruthless are you as a pranker? Because of all the pranks on this list, this one will scare your husband the most. But hey, maybe he deserves it.

This trick requires one of two things: either your husband being very unobservant, or you really knowing his #2 schedule. I'll explain. You know those little poppers kids play with around the 4th of July? Order a box or two online, like these from USA Magic Tricks for less than a dollar, and strategically tape them to the underside of the toilet seat. Gently put the toilet seat back down. Ideally, do this before you know your husband will be taking a seat on that toilet, but this can still work if he flips up the toilet seat and simply doesn't notice the attached poppers. Once he takes a seat, his weight will cause the poppers to pop... and hilarity will ensue.


Extended Family Visit

Your husband might claim that he loves your family, but have him put his money where his mouth is. Brainstorm a realistic scenario in which your parents may need to stay with you, ideally ASAP – and for an unusually long period of time. Then tell, don't ask, your husband about these fake plans. My husband adores my mother, but may be a little confused if I announced she's arriving tomorrow and staying with us for two months.

Is your husband particularly patient and generous? Push him to the limit. "Since my parents won't have a car, I told them they can use yours while they're here and you can carpool to work. Is that OK? Also, the guest bed really hurts my father's back so they're going to take our bedroom while they're here. That's fine, right?"


"Forgotten" Plans

If there is one thing that gives my husband anxiety, it's forgetting a promise or a plan he's made. It's even worse when it's a promise he's made me, and he knows he's going to face my wrath. That's why this super easy prank is so much fun.

When you're away from your husband, start sending him texts alluding to plans that you never made.

"Hey, I'm just pulling in. Are you already here?"

"I got a table, see you soon."

"I've been waiting for 15 minutes already... when will you get here?"

Watch, wait, and laugh while he racks his brain for the plans he's apparently totally forgotten about.