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10 Hilarious April Fool's Day Ideas From Reddit That Need To Be Repeated

I was disappointed when last year's April Fool's Day happened to fall on the same day as Easter. I was too busy hiding eggs to focus on executing a good April Fool's Day prank. But not this year. This year, April Fool's falls on a regular old Monday (April 1st, FYI) and that means it's the perfect chance to mess with your coworkers, friends, family, or even complete strangers if you feel like being a real punk. If you're in need of a little inspiration, these hilarious April Fool's Day ideas from Reddit are guaranteed to score laughs.

Some of the joke ideas below require little planning and cost nothing. Others are more elaborate and involve a few co-stars to pull off. No matter what your approach is, the key is to try to keep a straight face as long as possible while the joke is going down. There's really nothing funnier than watching the look on someone's face when they realize they've been totally and utterly pranked. And if you were that person last year, well now is your chance to get your sweet revenge. These 10 prank ideas inspired by Reddit are all April Fool's Day home runs.


Make It Feel Like Groundhog's Day

If you can get your coworkers (or everyone in the house) to commit to this elaborate rouse, then the end result would be nothing short of amazing.

"On Mar. 31, hold a meeting in the office about some subject that makes sense at your workplace. On Apr. 1, hold the exact same meeting and tell everyone — but one person — to say and do exactly the same things," said Reddit user kidditzal.

Since April 1st is on a Monday this year, the original meeting would have to be held on a Friday, which might even make this prank more epic.


"Mess" With Their Car

You can take the mental warfare to the next level by faux-messing with a friend's car, especially if they happen to be really attached to their wheels.

"Put a note on someone's car..."Sorry about the damage, had to leave" and watch them freak out looking for the damage," advised JollyRhino09 on Reddit.

Now you just need to find a bush to hide in so you can watch their enraged reaction.


Polish The Soap

I love jokes that just make you ask, "Who would ever think of that?" and this one from Reddit user ignorethesquid is absolutely one of those jokes: "[Put] clear nail polish around the bar of soap in their shower. Looks and feels normal, but won't lather. They think they're going insane."

Sounds like a great prank to pull on your unsuspecting partner.


Take Over The Intercom

Calling all IT people, this joke is for you.

"One year I connected a cd player [to] the office intercom system...I created a cd that was silent for over an hour, then had a faint kitten meow sound. I put that on repeat. So every now and then people could have sworn they heard a kitten. I had the whole office looking for a cat hiding under a desk. Good times," shared Bmc00 on Reddit.

I just wonder how you reveal that it was all an elaborate April Fool's Day prank...or do you?


Eat Up!

Some of the best April Fool's Day jokes involve food, like this clever one from Reddit user TheDemographic: "Empty a jar of mayonnaise, clean. Fill with vanilla pudding. Walk around with a spoon, and have an occasional bite. People really don't like the sight."

Have even more fun by trying to convince someone to have a bite too.


Reorganize Their Desktop

If you're looking for a relatively harmless office prank, taking over someone's desktop screen is pretty funny.

"Login to someone's PC and take a screenshot of their desktop and make it the background. Put all the desktop icons in a folder and put it in the root of C where it won't appear and hide the task bar. They'll click all over the place trying to figure out why nothing works and a reboot won't fix it," suggested beanstalkim on Reddit.

Then sit back and wait until they start to call IT or try to book a trip to The Genius Bar.


7. Cause A Soda Explosion

There's nothing like a good old-fashioned soda-in-the-face prank.

"Get a bottle of Coke, tie a string around a Mentos, then hang the mentos in the Coke by putting the lid on over the string, cut off the excess string so it can't be seen, and wait. The next time the bottle is opened the Mentos will fall into the Coke and cause a majestic explosion," said TheMightyFishBus.

Just be prepared to have to help clean up the mess!


Slip In Some Fake News

This joke from Reddit user drdaledc would take years to pay off but it would certainly be priceless: "I bought a bunch of April 1st L.A. Times newspapers one year. I wrapped them up in air-tight plastic and put them in a dark place. I took them out six years later (same day of week, month and day) and replaced as many newspapers in driveways and porches I could."

If you want to do a simpler version of it, you could save a newspaper from today, and sub it in on the morning of April 1. Then wait and watch for your spouse/parent/grandparent to look mighty confused over the repeat headlines.


Mess With Their Mouse

Messing with someone's mouse is the oldest trick in the book, but it's one that never gets less funny.

"At work I covered the sensor on everyone's optical mouse with tape," suggested Reddit user NeilOMalley.

You have to love the total commitment of getting in early enough to mess with the entire office.


Surprise Them In The Shower

This last joke is hilarious though you'll have to make sure your subject is a good sport.

"My husband was in the shower one day. I walked into the bathroom minding my own business. I realized that he didn't know I was in the bathroom with him, so I peeked around the shower curtain. He was applying soap to his face, and his eyes were shut tight. I slowly, silently snuck into the shower and just stood there, 2 feet in front of him. His reaction when he opened his eyes was priceless. I think he almost died," said glumzkop.

It also seems like the kind of joke that could be repeated every few months just for the heck of it. After all, a good April Fools' Day joke never gets old.