10 Genuinely Hilarious Halloween Costumes For Dogs That Are Freakin' Awesome

Sure, little humans look cute in their Halloween costumes, but when dogs get in on the dress-up action, they tend to steal the show. If you're on the prowl for hilarious dog costumes for Halloween, look no further because we've rounded up 10 of the best dress-up looks for your dog to wear on October 31 (and beyond). Sound the cuteness alarm, because these dog costumes are everything.

When I lived in New York City's East Village, I loved going to the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade and taking in all the creative dog ensembles. You could find dogs outfitted to look like everyone from Amelia Earhart to Britney Spears to the Pope. Last year, the parade — in its 28th year — drew an estimated 10,000 people, according to The Cut. So I was crushed to learn that this year's parade has been cancelled due to insurance issues, according to the same The Cut article. That's a major blow for dog lovers, but that doesn't mean you can't create your own Halloween dog parade, no matter where you live.

With these seriously clever dog costumes below, you definitely need to find a way to put your pup on display, whether that's at a Halloween party or trick-or-treating around the neighborhood. These dog get-ups are too doggone cute not to get some Instagram love, too.