10 Instagram Captions For Your Valentine's Day Engagement That Are Original AF

Valentine's Day is almost here, and if you're planning on getting engaged on the official day of love, or think there's even the slightest chance your significant other might be popping the question on V-Day, it's time to start preparing. I'm not talking about preparing for the actual moment he or she proposes — I'm sure you've got that on lock. I'm talking about preparing for the moment you make it Instagram official. Yep, you're going to need the perfect Instagram caption for your Valentine's Day engagement.

This is your chance to tell all of your friends, family, co-workers, and maybe even some old exes, that you and your one true love are taking your relationship to the ultimate next level. This is the time to show off that sparkler you've been coveting for weeks, months (ok, years!). You'll need the perfect manicure (see Meghan Markle's engagement photo nail shade for inspiration). And most importantly, you'll need a caption that captures all of the wonder and magic of such a momentous milestone.

Will your caption be funny or mushy? Will it have just the right hint of humble-brag? Will it blow all your other friends' announcements out of the water? We're here to help. We've assembled our top 12 instagram captions that say "I Said Yes" without actually saying "I Said Yes."


"Him: Will you marry me? Me: .... "

On the outside you're the perfect picture of poise, but on the inside it feels like your heart is exploding confetti and unicorns. If your photo includes your hand with a pretty rock on the appropriate finger, it'll be obvious what your answer was.


"Nom Nom Nom"

If he or she proposed over dinner, or any other meal, this is the perfect post to hint that you got engaged, without spelling it out for your peeps. Even if your post is to say that your dinner is finger-licking good, your shiny finger will not go unnoticed by your crew.


"F*ck Yea"

When your boo totally picks out the ring on their own and nails it. There's nothing better in the world than being truly surprised by the sight of your loved one getting down on one knee. Bonus: When they have the most exquisite taste in bling. Or at least received every hint that you dropped about the type of ring you would really, really appreciate.


"Celebrating because he put a ring on it."

Even if you get engaged wearing sweatpants, on the couch, eating leftover pizza, it still feels like this, and no matter what the setting, what you're wearing, or what you're drinking, your friends and fam will be thrilled.


"Say My Name (My soon-to-be married name that is, betches!)"

Take a cue from Mrs. Carter and the Destiny's Child crew. Relish in every luxurious moment of being newly engaged, and there's no reason why you shouldn't start getting up to your married name.


"And to think I was just expecting a Whitman's sampler..."

I'll take any amount of carats over chocolate any time on Valentine's Day or any day. But raincheck on the Whitman's, right?


"Me: It's Happening Isn't It? 10 seconds later: It Happened"

Even if you "accidentally" found the ring in his sock drawer, and knew the big moment was about to go down for weeks, when you see him fishing around for something in his pocket, it's still like, whoa.



For those who say yes, and immediately start Googling their dream venue, there's truly no better feeling in the world then locking down your mate — and your ideal wedding site — in one glorious day.


"My family has been waiting 12 years for this to happen."

If the first thing people say is, "It's about damn time", you can laugh to yourself, because you're probably going to make everyone wait five more years to have kids.


You're not officially engaged until you're Instagram engaged."

And you have the perfect photo and caption to prove it.

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