10 Super Cute Insulated Lunch Boxes That Kids Will Flip Their Lids For

If your kiddo is heading back to school, that means you're probably headed back to the... kitchen. It takes a lot of time to get lunches made, wrapped, and packed. If you don't already have an insulated lunch box, that's one more thing to add to the back-to-school shopping list. The last thing you want is for your impeccably made turkey sandwiches (crusts off and everything) to go to waste because they weren't kept cool enough. We've rounded up 10 insulated lunch boxes that get the job done in style.

Lunch boxes have come a long way since the '90s when we were kids (although we did have Dunkaroos, so that's something!). Today's lunch packs are both incredibly creative and efficient. Now you can send your kid off to school with a Star Wars R2D2 lunch kit ($14, Amazon) or a Troll lunch kit complete with 3D Poppy hair ($16, Amazon). I'm personally a fan of the bento box style because there's something so satisfying about seeing all the different colored foods packed in there. You know what they say: eat the rainbow!

Whether you want to send your little scholar off to school with a movie-themed lunch box or you want to go with something more streamlined, we found 10 insulated lunch boxes that they'll love.