10 Kids Who Are Totally Living Our Weekend Goals

Adulthood is hard. The weeks are filled to the brim with obligations and responsibilities, be they work or family-related. So when the weekend arrives, it’s natural to want to make the most of it. Whether you enjoy a wild night on the town or a PJs-only day, the glorious weekend should be celebrated. And no one celebrates the Saturday to Sunday grind like kids.Just scroll through Instagram and you’re sure to see a slew of kids who are totally living our weekend goals.

Let’s face it, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut with your weekend plans. So if you’re looking to spice up your Saturdays and Sundays, you should turn to these tots for inspiration. They aren’t afraid to do crazy things, stuff their faces full of food, or commit some serious fashion faux pas, all in the name of having a good time. There are also the kids who can chill like nobody’s business and know how to make the most out of an entire day in bed. So whether your weekend schedule is filled to the brim or needing a little boost, chances are you’ll relate to some of these kids and the ways they pass the time.


Here Kitty Kitty

Popsicles and kitty ears? Yes please. Naomi (who’s mama Esther happens to design the cutest clothes for little ones) really has it going on.


Just A Boy And His Dog

There are few things stronger than the relationship between a child and their pet. Mason, the adorable son of Jenn of, and his pooch Minnie could very likely be the next Marley and Me. Let’s take a cue from him and enjoy our four legged friends.


PJs For Days

Keep up the good work Charlotte, from those of us who just want to stay in bed and sleep this weekend.


Leap Frog

Monroe knows how to adventure in style. We are loving this reminder to embrace your inner adventurer and “take the leap”- so to speak.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Ellie, Jessie the blogger at’s daughter has her daily pep talk down pat. Why not follow her lead, tiara and all, and remind yourself how great you are?


Surf’s Up

Lex, one of Erin from’s two adorable daughters, knows how to celebrate the end of summer. There’s nothing like the beach and a surfboard (for show or for riding — we don’t judge) to ring in the last bit of summer.


Playing Hooky

Sometimes you just need a break. Layla, part of the Instagram duo Layla and Avery, knows that. So even though you can’t really play hooky on the weekends, you can at least pretend, and look super BAMF while you’re at it.


Dress Up, Show Up

Or sometimes, when you have no choice but to show up, at least do it in style, as Jack so aptly demonstrates as he travels the streets of Vienna.


State Of Style

These boys know how to take the state fair by storm. Take a hint from them and round up your crew and hit the town in style.


Have Your Dinner And Eat it Too

Bryn and her mama Misty (the face behind the blog Us and Him) do it right. If we’re completely honest, this is really what we want to be doing this weekend. Well done, Brynn, well done.