10 Cute Gifts For Kindergarten Grads, That'll Knock Their Tiny Socks Off

by Emily Westbrooks

I'm fairly certain that when I graduated from kindergarten, there were no gifts. But now that I'm a parent, I can totally see how this has become a thing. It's really fun to celebrate your kid and what they've accomplished! And with tragedies hitting schools every day, it feels freeing and joyful to celebrate something good about school, even if that something is a kindergarten graduation. So this is exactly where you need to start if you're looking for an adorable kindergarten graduation gift that will wow your little scholar, because life's too precious not to celebrate the little things.

One way to celebrate your kindergartener's accomplishments is to give them a gift that will actually help them continue to learn throughout the summer, when many students do tend to forget some of what they learned the last year, like a gift of a subscription box that's fun and educational. Likewise, their very own handheld device might be perfect for helping them practice reading and math — and you're definitely going to be grateful for it if you're planning on taking any road trips.

But keep in mind that what your kindergartener might want the most is some quality time with his or her parents over the summer, like heading to the zoo, an amusement park, or even just a regular park.

Either way, you'll easily find something your kindergartener will enjoy on this list.


Straight Outta Kindergarten T-Shirt

Straight Outta Kindergarten t-shirt ($15, Amazon)

Your kindergarten graduate definitely wouldn't have any idea what this reference was, and you might need to wait ten years to play her the Tupac song that it recalls, but it's hilarious nonetheless!


Kindle Fire Kids

Kindle Fire Kids ($100, Amazon)

While you might not want to just plug your kid into a screen for the whole summer after kindergarten, a handheld device loaded with educational content can keep him from forgetting what he learned all year in school, and prepare him for first grade. This Kindle Fire Kids comes with two years of damage protection and a year of FreeTime unlimited, which gives them access to over 15,000 popular apps and games, videos, books, and educational content.


Kiwi Crate Subscription Box

Kiwi Crate subscription box ($60 for three months, Kiwi Co.)

A great gift option for your graduate is to give them something that will help them continue to learn and explore (while having lots of fun) all summer long. You can give three months of a Kiwi Crate subscription box that includes a project that allows them to explore, science, engineering and art, Explore! magazine, and online DIY ideas. It's also a great activity you can both do together.


A Zoo Pass

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Experiences you can have as a family are always special. What about a zoo pass if there's one in your city or nearby? A family zoo pass can be pricey, but you'll have a built-in activity that's sure to be a hit all summer.


Puppet Theater

Puppet theater ($129, Bison Office)

You'll want to pair this theater with a set of puppets, but you've just set up your kindergartener with an awesome imaginative play experience for the foreseeable future. Your graduate and her friends will have their play date activity sorted all summer.


VTech Kidizoom Camera

VTech Kidizoom Action Camera ($25, Amazon)

Tell me a GoPro for kids isn't sort of the coolest gift ever? If your graduate is particularly adventurous, they might love to film their skateboarding, bicycling, swimming escapades all summer. And figuring how to edit that video is something you can help them with when summer comes to an end.


Amazon STEM Toy Club Membership

Amazon STEM Toy club ($20 per month, Amazon)

Amazon's STEM Toy club sends a science, technology, engineering, and math-related toy each month you subscribe, helping your child learn about these subjects through play. You can choose how often the box arrives, either monthly, every other month, or every three months.


Here I Come, First Grade!

Here I Come, First Grade! ($4, Amazon)

For a very affordable $4, you can give your kindergarten graduate a peek at what's to come in great big first grade with this paperback book by D.J. Steinberg. The book catalogues all the highlights a first-grader can expect, as well as some of the more trepidatious moments, like when your baby tooth just won't fall out.


Tickets To A Play

Leon Neal/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I have the most wonderful memories of going to see plays at the local theater as a kid. The tickets were always part of a gift, and involved getting dressed up and going to get ice cream sundaes after. Culture plus sugar, it's a to-be first grader's dream!


Magnetic Blocks

Magnetic blocks ($24, Amazon)

This is another STEM gift that's light on the technology and heavy on the engineering. Magnetic blocks will provide hours of building entertainment for your kindergarten grad turned future engineer.