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Is Your Kid Graduating From Kindergarten? Here Are 10 Fun Gifts For Their Classmates

When your kiddo graduates kindergarten it feels like a pretty big rite of passage. They're leaving their pre-elementary years behind, but they're taking friendships with them that might just last into adulthood. If your kindergartener has really bonded with a bestie this past year, or even the whole entire class, now's the time to find a sweet graduation present for them to give to their best pal. There are some seriously cute kindergarten graduation gifts for classmates out there that'll come in handy this summer, or even for years to come.

I met my friend Liz when I was in kindergarten and we're still great friends today, nearly three decades later. There's something pretty incredible about a friend who has been with you through every stage of your life — from grade school crushes to high school heartbreaks, from career wins to mom fails. A lifelong friend is something to be cherished. And just think, your little guy or gal could be cultivating that kind of relationship right now.

To support that burgeoning friendship that's blooming right before your eyes, check out some of these adorable kindergarten graduation gifts. And trust, the look on your child's face giving it will be priceless.


This Story Is For You

This Story Is For You ($15, Amazon)

This heartwarming book is all about friendship and it's the perfect present for your kindergartener's best bud. The author's note on Amazon explains that the story started off as a poem that he wrote to his best friend.


"You are oFISHally a 1st Grader"

Goldfish Kids Graduation Party Favor ($8, Etsy)

If your kindergartener loves Goldfish crackers (and what kid doesn't?) then these graduation snack packs from Aloha Cakes by Andrea are sure to go over swimmingly. Each set comes with 10 bags and 10 bag toppers, you just need to fill them with the fish! And your kid can distribute these to all his classmates on the last day of school.


Super Hero Crayon Case

Personalized Super Hero Crayon Case ($9, Etsy)

If your son or daughter's favorite thing to do in school was hit the art table with their coloring bud, then this roll-up crayon case is just the thing. You can have it personalized with their friend's name, and invite him/her over for a creative summer playdate. If you're buying for more than one friend, like the whole classroom, a fresh box of Crayola crayons is always appreciated (and won't break the bank).


Kindergarten Graduation Shirt

Personalized Graduation Shirt ($21, Etsy)

For those kindergarten kiddos who just love to dress alike, you need to get one of these customizable graduation shirts for your kiddo and their bestie. It will make for one Instagrammable moment, that's for sure.


"Yoga Friends: A Pose-by-Pose Adventure for Kids"

Yoga Friends ($15 for hardcover, Amazon)

Interactive gifts are a great idea for kids who just love to wiggle. This pose-by-pose yoga book is especially cool because it focuses on moves to be done with a partner, so your kiddo and their bestie can learn them together.


Yeti in My Spaghetti

Yeti in My Spaghetti ($10, Amazon)

What kid doesn't love a good board game, especially one that involves noodles and a silly-looking monster? This game won the TOTY Game of the Year Award in 2017 so you know it must be good. If your child gives this game to his friend, you can only assume that that kid's parents will be calling for a playdate soon.


PB & J Best Friends Shirts

PB & J Best Friend Shirts ($39, Etsy)

Some friends just go together like peanut butter and jelly. These sweet "best friend forever" tees from Mami Origami are sure to be worn with pride by your "PB" and her "J".


Personalized Name Tags

Personalized School Backpack Tag ($10, Etsy)

Heading off to 1st grade is a big deal! Give your little kindergartener and his/her best pal each a cute personalized name tag to snap onto their backpacks and they'll both feel confident marching into the "big kid" school come fall, hopefully side by side.


Big Bubbles Wand and Mix

Big Bubbles Wand and Mix ($18, Amazon)

When summer break hits, you need to find lots of fun activities for your soon-to-be 1st grader and his or her posse of friends to do. If you give one of them a bubble wand that can make bubbles up to 20-feet-long, you're guaranteeing endless hours of entertainment.

But of course kids will have just as fun playing with their own big bubble wands which you can score on the cheap. Oriental Trading sells a 12-pack for $18.


Underwater Ocean Floor Puzzle (2 x 3 feet)

Melissa & Doug Underwater Ocean Puzzle ($13, Amazon)

Puzzles are a great way to promote team work and collaboration. If your kindergartener gives this giant ocean-themed puzzle to his or her best pal, they'll get to problem-solve together. The Melissa & Doug puzzle also comes in a dinosaur print and a space theme, so you can customize based on your kiddo's interest.

Don't forget about the rest of the class. These mini animal puzzles basically come out to $1 a pop.