10 KonMari Boxes That Are Seriously Going To Spark Some Joy In Your Home

Ever since Marie Kondo's Tidying Up hit Netflix, it seems as though everyone's obsessed with getting their homes in order and making sure there's a place for everything. It's really rewarding to step back and admire your newly-organized abode, but to get there requires a great many steps — and containers. This is especially true if you have kids. They have a lot of little things with little parts that require special attention, so you'll need the best KonMari boxes to help you and your kids stay organized once you've chosen what sparks joy and what doesn't.

A few weeks ago, I completely KonMari'd my home, and it's been really life-changing. I got rid of so much stuff — yes, even books — and life has just become more manageable. In the process, I learned that my organizational methods, while decent, needed a lot of tweaking, and a lot more compartmentalized storage. Socks need a home, underwear needs a home, my daughter's vast collection of Barbie stuff definitely needs a home, and I wasn't prepared for it. Before, I'd relied on a lot of Ziploc bags and haphazard drawers, but now I've found that Marie Kondo's method of using boxes is truly the gift that keeps on giving. It just keeps everything so orderly, and I adore it. If you're in the KonMari groove, here are 10 KonMari boxes to help you organize everything that brings you joy.


Baskets Are Your Friend

You'll need baskets. Lots of baskets. Everything from towels to blue jeans will fold up well in these. I also use baskets like these for throw blankets beside the sofa. (Yes, I do find cats in it most days, but cats are jerks and love to get fur on your stuff.)


Toy Organization

This is the perfect way to start your children on their organizational journey. Every bin has a purpose and makes a place for something — one for dolls, one for artwork, and so on. But each bin is also see-through so your kid knows exactly what's in each. It's pretty sturdy, too. (A must for any playroom furniture.)


A Bin With Wheels

IKEA is seriously on top of the organizing game. I love this bin because it's on wheels and works wonderfully for large, long-term storage for things like summer clothes or Christmas goods.


Smaller Storage Baskets

These bins are great for stuffed animals or fitted crib sheets. I also use them to hold cat and dog toys and dog jackets. (Because I am one of those people who has enough junk for their pets that they require bins for it. I'll admit it's embarrassing.) The best part is that the bins are also cute to look at, so you won't feel bad about hiding things in them.


Small Compartment Storage

Sure, this is a lunch box, but it's also great for hair ties, earrings, bracelets, barrettes, and more. My daughter has so many earrings and hair bobs, and they're always getting lost. But for just $5, I can buy her a box full of boxes to keep it all tidy. The more compartments, the easier it is to find things, which just makes life more manageable in general.



These are the exact bins I use beneath the sinks in my house. They're perfect for holding hair spray and other toiletries, but you can also use them to hold your cleaning supplies. Bonus? They're dishwasher safe, making them easy to clean.


Wipes Containers

I guarantee that you have a bunch of wipes containers lying around your house if you have a baby. Those containers are perfect for pacifiers, baby socks, onesies, nipples — anything a baby needs. Plus if you take off the lid, they fit nicely in a drawer.


Flip-Lid Bins

These containers have a flip-top lid, making them perfect for toys being stored on a shelf or under a table. They're easy to clean, and at $10 a piece, they're not going to break the bank.


A Wide, Low Basket

These baskets are perfect for wash clothes and extra t-shirts that you want to keep, but don't want in your face every day. They're also gorgeous and really sturdy.


Clear Bins With Locking Lids

Shoes, clothes, toys, whatever. These are the stackable boxes you want for your closet when you need to see just what's inside. We probably have a dozen of these in the house, and they're great. (Also great for kids so they can see what's in a box rather than dumping everything out to find one thing.)