10 Last-Minute Tacky Sweater Ideas For Every Holiday Party

If you're like me, then the ugly sweater holiday party trend has you reminiscing about your youth. Flip through pictures at my parents' house and you'll find photo after photo of me wearing a turtleneck topped by a chunky sweater that's been emblazoned with puffy-paint trimmed snowmen or a rosy-faced santa. Nowadays, of course, I would love to have a few of those options around when searching for the perfect getup for an ugly sweater party, but who would have known this would become a thing? Oh well, I've dug up some pretty solid last-minute tacky sweater ideas below that I think might meet your standards.

No time to whip on up on your own or go shopping? Consider raiding your mom's closet or even digging through your own. You might be surprised by the oldies — but in this case goodies — that you'll find lurking in there. One year I scored a cardigan decorated with little sheep wearing wreaths around their necks. My mom's not mine — swear.

If you have a bit of time, then you're bound to find an option that suits you below. Take notes and put on your crafting panties (or shopping shoes) because it's time to get tacky.


DIY Reindeer Sweater

All that's required for this tacky Rudolph sweater from Life After Laundry is a brown sweater, decorative antlers removed from a holiday headband, yellow felt, and a red pom pom. Most difficult step? Tracing the yellow glasses by using a handy stencil.


Last-Minute Budget Sweaters

Low on time and cash flow? Score supplies like bells, pom poms, garland, and faux poinsettias at your local craft store and create these easy designs on an old sweater or sweatshirt.


A Christmas Tree Hoodie

Go simple with this tacky-as-hell Christmas tree sweatshirt ($20, Macy's). Complete with a star at the top hood, you really can't go wrong with this pick.


Eight Tacky Nights

When my husband and I spotted these velour overalls ($30, Target), I seriously thought about buying them and wearing them each night of our Hanukkah celebrations. If the Festival of Lights is your holiday, then this menorah-embellished outfit will be your jam.


Getups Made With Tinsel & Bows

Have leftovers from wrapping presents and decorating for the holidays? If so, then you can make these sweaters. Get crafty by trimming collars in garland, making elbow patches from felt, and designing a wreath from bows and tinsel.


Dress Like The Big Guy Himself

No doubt you'll feel holly and jolly — and need no excuse to indulge in cookies and milk — with this Santa Tunic ($29, Amazon).


Stuffed Animal Sweater & An Updo

Want to include your cozy friends in your holiday getup? Check out this tutorial from Katherine Ballard and score tips on how to bedazzle your updo, too.


Dress Up Your Tackiness

Score one of these dazzling dresses ($8 to $24, Amazon) for your upcoming holiday shindig. Dress it up with booties and a festive headband, and you'll be dressed to tackily impress.


A Sweater Trimmed With Lights

Supplies for this bad boy include a sweater, fabric glue, hot glue gun and sticks, needle and thread, and holiday embellishments, like ornaments, bows, and even LED lights.


"Must Be Italian."

If you can't get enough of the Christmas Story each holiday season, then this ugly sweater ($33, Target) will be your top choice. Bonus? It actually lights up, illuminating the full extent of your tackiness.

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