10 Low-Key Genius Gifts For Breastfeeding Moms That They're Going To *Love*

As a breastfeeding mom, life isn't always rainbows and butterflies. Although the experience of breastfeeding is a wonderful journey (depending who you ask) in and of itself, there's a lot of support and products that can go into making that journey go more smoothly. That's why it's a great idea to find low-key genius gifts for breastfeeding moms that can help them along their nursing journey or provide a source of positivity and encouragement. There are plenty of affordable and helpful gifts you can grab for your next baby shower.

Whether it's a nursing tank top, nursing bra, bottles, or more, there are plenty of products that we all know breastfeeding moms need. But what about unique gifts most people don't think of giving? Often those can be the most helpful. These clever gifts come from an an experienced mama who has thought through every step of the breastfeeding process. They anticipate the areas where a breastfeeding mom, especially a new one, might not feel like they are getting the support they could use.

So if you're shopping for a friend or heading to a baby shower, you might consider one of these low-key yet clever gifts to help out your breastfeeding mom friend. They're all useful and have unique or multi-purpose benefits. Here are solid suggestions to help you find that winning present.


Breastfeeding Reminder Ring

Breastfeeding Reminder Ring ($15, Etsy)

As a breastfeeding mom who may or may not be getting much sleep, it's understandably difficult to remember whether you nursed from the left or right breast last. With a breastfeeding reminder ring, you can flip it over when you're done breastfeeding to remind yourself to start on either the left or right side.


Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm

Dr. Lipp Original Nipple Balm ($20, Amazon)

Although this balm originated as nipple cream, moms started using it as a multi-purpose cream for chapped lips, primer, eyebrow tamer, and more. With great ingredients and a plethora of uses, this is a surprisingly useful gift for breastfeeding moms, and honestly, women in general.


Multifunctional Cover

Milk Snob Multifunctional Cover ($33, Target)

A breastfeeding cover is nice, but it generally only serves one purpose. Instead, a multifunctional cover is a truly clever and affordable gift to give any breastfeeding mom. Elastic covers, like the one pictured above, function as a piece of clothing, a cover to breastfeed, a shopping cart cover, a carseat cover, and a scarf, and more.


Milk Trays

Milk Trays ($20, Fairhaven Health)

Although breast milk storage bags or bottle-size containers are generally the norm for storing breastmilk, they take up quite a bit of room in the freezer and are so oddly shaped. And then you have to thaw them in their bags, dispose of the bags, etc. The process is quite tedious TBH. For a clever, alternative solution, reusable milk trays let your freeze your milk in a sleek, slim, stackable tray. They use freezer space efficiently, and take a narrow shape that can be popped into any bottle to thaw. As a bonus, you can repurpose them for other uses when you're done breastfeeding.


Nursing Necklace

Modern Mama Nursing & Teething Necklace ($16, Etsy)

Once babies get a little older, their attention starts to wonder from breastfeeding to playing or observing other things in the room. To keep them occupied or deter from the desire to chew on mom's nipples, nursing necklaces are a fun and smart solution.


Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards

Breastfeeding Affirmation Cards ($15, Etsy)

Breastfeeding is challenging, and it definitely comes with it's ups and downs. When moms are up a 3 a.m. feeding their little one, chances are there's not many people to connect with for words of encouragement. Gifting breastfeeding affirmation cards is a great way to help a nursing mama stay positive and give her words of encouragement even when you're not around. She's going to need it.


A Foodie Box Subscription

HelloFresh Box Subscription ($60-$140, HelloFresh)

Whether it's HelloFresh or any other food-box subscription, like Blue Apron of Sun Basket, having healthy, fulfilling food that's already prepared or ready to throw together in a few minutes is a godsend. Gifting anything from a week to a month's worth of meals is a great way to provide a necessity and take a ton of stress off breastfeeding moms.


Haakaa Manual Breast Pump

Haakaa ($18, Cotton Babies)

This manual pump was originally recommended to me by doula Samantha Moore of My KC Doula. It's insanely affordable, hands-free, and suctions to a mom's breast to gently pull milk into the pump. Haakaa is perfect for traveling or expressing milk from one breast while breastfeeding from the other — anyone who has breastfed knows how one likes to leak while the other is in service. Especially for moms who are struggling to keep supply up, this is a simple way to work on expressing milk while doing just about anything and avoid having to get the loud, clunky electric pump out.


Breastfeeding Water Bottle

Breastfeeding Water Bottle ($14, Etsy)

Sometimes the best gift is one that simply encourages moms to stay healthy and hydrated. Drinking water is important for breastfeeding moms, to keep them hydrated and to help maintain their supply, so find a fun, breastfeeding-themed water bottle to gift that helps them keep track of how much they are consuming on a daily basis.


Breastfeeding Boob Hat

Breastfeeding Boob Hat ($12, Etsy)

For the breastfeeding-activist mom, a boob hat is a great gift for their little babe. It's a clever yet sarcastic way to say that breastfeeding is perfectly fine in public and you can customize the colors so that it fits their version of "nude". I guarantee it brings lots of laughs too.

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