10 Low-Key Genius Gifts For Pregnant Women That They'll *Actually* Appreciate

Pregnant moms are almost always drowning in baby gear, onesies, and diapers, so when shopping for a pregnant mama, why not look at them, instead of past them? Don't get me wrong, most moms love getting baby oriented gifts, but I'm sure they would also enjoy getting gifts that can make their pregnancy go a little smoother. So if you're shopping for mama gear, here are 10 low-key genius gifts for pregnant women that she can definitely appreciate. (You know, unless you're able to give her new hips, a bladder of steel, and an unlimited supply of snacks.)

Pregnancy comes with its fair share of set backs. From swollen feet to awkward sleep, moms end up facing a variety of frustrating changes. (Did I mention the bladder of steel as a gift?) So getting them something that is thoughtful and useful can be a relief for them, and can make you feel good about your gift.

You can always splurge on a prenatal massage, manicure and pedicure, or even get her a house cleaning service in your local area. And if you just want to pick up a gift that is just as thoughtful (and in some cases, practical), here are 10 great gift ideas.


Pregnancy Body Pillow

Sleep can get difficult during pregnancy, which is why the Pregnancy Body Pillow ($30, Walmart) can be so helpful. Its contoured u-shape provides support to her growing belly, while it takes pressure off her back. After a good night’s sleep, she’ll thank you for it.


Mommee Coffee

Moms have to give up so many great things during pregnancy, like wine, cheeses, and caffeine, but they can still enjoy a good cup of coffee. Mommee Coffee ($16, Amazon) is a decaffeinated, low-acid coffee that will be easy on her tummy, and that she can savor guilt-free.


Skechers Go Walk Super Sock 4

Pregnancy can make your feet swell like sausages, so these ultra stretchy Skechers Go Walk Super Sock 4 ($65, Skechers) slip-ons can be heaven sent for any pregnant mama. They are super light, and the fabric stretches like a sock, so they can stay comfy throughout her pregnancy.


Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins

Who would want to swallow a huge, nasty tasting pill, when you can just have a yummy gummy? These Vitafusion Prenatal Gummy Vitamins ($10, Amazon) are full of all the good stuff a pregnant mama needs, but taste great, too. They come in assorted fruity flavors, and because they have no iron, they’ll be easy on her tummy.


Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor

The first time you hear your baby’s heartbeat at the doctor’s office can be exhilarating, so why not let mama get that excitement at home? The Womb Music Heartbeat Baby Monitor ($58, Amazon) lets parents hear their baby’s heartbeat, hiccups, and movements with this compact, non-invasive device — all she has to do is place it over her belly to listen. Great gift that will help her bond with baby, and keep her mind at ease.


Pregnancy Compression Socks

Long stretches of sitting behind a desk, or long rides in a car or plane can make a pregnant mama’s feet and ankles swell, but these Pregnancy Compression Socks ($20, Amazon) can help keep her swelling at a minimum, keeping her comfortable and pain-free.


Graze Box

Pregnancy is synonymous with cravings, so be thoughtful, and get your mama a subscription to Graze Box ($14 per month, Graze). She’ll get eight healthy snacks per month in a conveniently packaged box. Instead of grabbing the nearest bag of potato chips, she can graze on more nutritious things like nuts and dry fruits.


Full Coverage Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bra

With all the discomfort that pregnancy brings, any mom would appreciate a soft comfy bra. This Full Coverage Maternity and Nursing Sleep Bra ($38, A Pea In The Pod) is made of pure cotton, and its soft, light, wire-free design is comfortable enough to sleep in, while its pull down feature is perfect for when she begins nursing.


Mustela Pregnancy Belly & Bust Set

Pregnancy can morph your body and stretch your skin in ways you can’t imagine, so this Mustela Pregnancy Belly & Bust Set ($35, Amazon) can help keep your pregnant mama’s skin supple and firm. It comes with a stretch mark prevention cream and a bust firming serum that were specially formulated for pregnant women.


Preggie Pop Drops

Know a pregnant mom who is suffering from morning sickness? Ease her queasiness with these Preggie Pop Drops ($14, A Pea In The Pod). They come in three flavors — sour lemon, sour tangerine, and sour raspberry — and are individually wrapped so she can take them anywhere she goes.

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