10 Moments When Every Grown-Ass Woman Will Need To Ask Her Mom What To Do — VIDEO

I still remember naive, stubborn, high school me. She was anxious to leave home and convinced that once she walked outside her front door, she would never need her mother again. She thought she knew what adulthood entailed and was absolutely sure she could do it all on her own. (Yeah, high school me was a moron.) The truth is, we will always need our mothers. From being sick to asking those weird questions you can't bring yourself to ask anyone else, mom is always there. Just ask BuzzFeed, who made another hilarious video that highlights all the things we still ask our mothers.

Adulthood, as we all know, mostly sucks. It is confusing as hell, oh-so-frustrating at almost every turn, and filled with ridiculous things like dentist appointments. Gross. It doesn't matter if you've graduated from a top university or have traveled around the world, your mother has this insane, innate knowledge of all things adult so when you're struggling with, say, thawing a chicken, you know who to call.

So if you find yourself in any of these confusing situations, do the smart thing: Call your mother.

Your Vagina Is Doing Something Weird

Your mom has wiped your ass more times than she'd care to count and has given you countless baths. There are no "uncomfortable questions," guys. They died the moment she first cleaned actual shit off of your tiny body.

You Need To See A Dentist

Wait, you mean the dentist doesn't just send you a card with a pre-made appointment time?

You Need To Make Dinner

Everyone knows freezers are made specifically for pizza rolls. Right?

You're Filling Out Forms

And while you're at it, mom, can you explain what social security actually is? It's that thing we're losing, right?

You're Baking (Possibly)

I'd say that you're specifically baking in the microwave, but that hasn't necessarily worked out well for me in the past. (Mug cakes are really hard!)

You're Trying To Netflix And Chill

Because priorities.

You're Cleaning

Is there really even a different in cleaning products? Aren't they all made at the same place? Man, there are so many questions.

You're Doing Laundry

It's a conspiracy, I'm telling you. Nothing will happen. I think.

You Want To Buy, Well, Anything

Still don't understand credit or how it works or why it's a thing or what a "good" score is. All I know is student loans are why credit dies.

You're An Adult

Ugh, we were morons.

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Honestly, why did we think this adulthood thing was so wonderful. We had it made back then. So, you know, thanks mom.

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