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10 Moms Describe The One Thing About Parenting That Was Easier Than They Expected


When it comes to not knowing what to expect as a first-time parent, I was the self-proclaimed Queen of Clueless. So when I became pregnant, I did a lot of reading and realized why everyone says being a mom is hard. And now that I have my son, I can say from experience that it is! But sometimes, what you think will be the hardest part of parenting actually isn't that hard. For instance, teething! I had heard horror stories about fevers, non-stop crying jags, and inconsolable streaks lasting weeks or months — and I'd also heard it was pretty rough on the baby, too (I kid). So I armed myself with an arsenal of amber necklaces, numbing gels, and teething toys of all temperatures and shapes, prepared for battle. And then one morning my son woke up grinning and just… had a mouthful.

But it wasn't so bad! As he was learning to use his teeth and explore new foods and flavor combinations, I was learning how to feed him in a whole new way. And to be a mom to a kid with teeth! His palate seemed so advanced for his age and he was acting like such a little man — especially when he tried what would become his favorite Plum Organics® Second Blends pouch for the first time, which was roasted pumpkin and coconut rice-flavored. We were having so much fun at mealtime together that I couldn't believe I was ever so scared of teething.

So moms, I'm proof that not everything will be as hard as you think! Romper partnered with Plum Organics® to bring you ten stories from fellow moms on the one thing about parenting that was easier than they expected. They may all sound simple, but any mom will be able to read them for what they really are: stories of hope.

1. "Finding My Maternal Instinct"

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“I work with infants and toddlers, so I'm used to babies crying, but I worried that I wouldn't be sympathetic enough to my own child. I was afraid that I would take 'tough love' to a whole new level. But I'm actually really sensitive to my baby's cries, and it's totally different with my own child. I'm even more of a softy than my husband! Now, I'm happy to report that finding my softer side was the easiest thing in the world.” —Laura, mom of Hank (4 months)

2. "Adjusting To The Lack Of Sleep"

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“The biggest one for me is the sleeplessness. I used to be someone that needed nine to ten hours of sleep to feel normal. I’m now down to about three to four a night. Peeling myself out of my cozy bed on a chilly night sucks at first, but the minute I see one of those smiling little faces looking up at me from his crib, I know I'd happily do it a thousand times a night. There's something really special about those quiet, half-lit, night time cuddles.” —Holly, mom of Eddie and James (5 months)

3. "Giving Breastfeeding A Try"

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“I was terrified of breastfeeding. There was all this pressure to nurse Nolan and it really scared the crap out of me! Looking back, it was the easiest part for me. He latched right away, had no allergies, I never got mastitis, and he never lost interest until 14 months. Even weaning was a breeze!” —Julie, mom of Nolan (3 years)

4. "Finding Time To Shower"

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“I always heard people say it's impossible to get a moment to shower — I have seen friends go days without. For me, this was literally never an issue. Most of the time I just shower at night after they go to sleep — even if that sleep only lasted three hours — and my husband showers in the morning while I feed them breakfast. It's all about timing!” –Danielle, mom of Lyla (4 years)

5. "Letting Go Of Selfish Worries"

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“I expected the early mornings and nonstop giving to be hard, but it's been the most rewarding part of my life. Dare I say I look forward to when she wakes up!?” —Elise, mom of Nora (1 year)

6. "Learning To Trust My Baby's Instincts"

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“I expected giving up a pacifier to be awful! She gave up the pacifier on her own at about three to four months old.” —Missy, mom of Kolby (1 year)

7. "Weaning!"

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“I didn't know how I was ever going to [wean my son], and then at 10 months, he weaned himself! Around three to four months I couldn't imagine him ever stopping, as I felt like all he did was breastfeed. It was so exhausting. When he stopped I was also surprised at how devastated I was. I assumed I would continue to nurse him before bed for at least two years, but he had other plans! Now he loves his bottles, and I think is much more satisfied as he gets a lot more.” —Jesse, mom of Jordan (11 months)

8. "Sharing My Time And Love With Multiple People"

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“I thought that by having two children, it would be difficult to share my bonding time and love. It actually came very naturally! There are parts of our daily routine that provide me with individual time to spend with each of them. We also build in time to spend as a family doing things with both kids, such as playing after dinner. It is important that my children are raised knowing that it is OK to have both individual and family time throughout the day.” —Danielle, mom of Diem (4 years) and Easton (10 months)

9. "Saying Goodbye"

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“I found sending my daughter off to college to be so much easier than I thought it would be. The late teenage years, when they are feeling like they know so much and parents know so little? That is for a reason: It lets the parents know... time to go find out for yourself!" —Donna, mom of Rachel (18 years)

10. "Sleeping Through The Night"

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“Working full time, I was very worried about the baby not being able to sleep through the night. When my son was born, he basically slept through the night from the beginning, which was a huge relief to me and my husband.” —Theresa, mom of Daniel (1 year)

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