10 Instagrammable Mother's Day Gifts For The Millennial Mom

Millennials moms aren't regular moms, they're cool moms — and that means they need correspondingly cool gifts for Mother's Day. Flowers and candy aren't gonna cut it when it comes to mothers in their 20's and 30's: They need thoughtful (but still hip) presents that reflect the trends and causes that actually mean something to them. So what are some perfect Mother's Day gifts for millennial moms this year?

Whether you're a millennial yourself who's daydreaming about what your significant other or kids might surprise you with on Mother's Day morning, or a non-millennial desperately trying to think of a gift for a mom who's up on all the latest fads and fashions, the options on this list definitely fit the bill. Plus, there's something for just about every mom, no matter what her particular interests or hobbies.

Even better? Most of these gifts are surprisingly affordable (though there are a few small splurges if you've got some money to burn). Some are super useful, some are just plain fun — and as every mom knows (millennial or not), staying sane as a mom is all about striking the right balance between practical and playful.

Here are some millennial-approved ideas to get you started!


Millennial Pink French Press

Le Creuset French Press in Sugar Pink ($50, Le Creuset)

So-called "millennial pink" isn't going anywhere, for one thing, and moms can't get enough coffee (for another).


Avocado Tote Bag

Avocado Tote Bag ($20, Red Bubble)

Not only are eco-conscious millennials all about reusable everything, they're also the generation that made avocado toast a thing.


FitBit Charge 2

FitBit Charge 2 ($147, Amazon)

This generation of fit mommies has technology on its side: FitBit fans swear the devices really do help them get the most of their workouts and keep tabs on their overall fitness levels.


'Slay Then Rosé' Tank

'Slay Then Rosé' Tank ($18, Etsy)

Because millennial moms slay (and love rosé). Plus, this tank would go perfectly with her FitBit (see above). Save the rosé for after the gym.


Plum Beauty Oil

Le Prunier Plum Beauty Oil ($72, Le Prunier)

Beauty oils are definitely a millennial trend, and this new offering from Le Prunier (made from plums!) is apparently eight times more powerful than argan oil when it comes to protecting skin from free radicals. Use on face, hair, nails... anywhere, really.


TOMS Popsicle Slip-Ons

TOMS Popsicle Slip-Ons ($55, TOMS)

Millennial moms care about helping others (but they also really dig whimsical stuff). Buy her a pair of these adorable popsicle-printed TOMS Alpargatas and a child in need will get a pair of shoes, too.


Vegan Subscription Box

Urthbox Vegan Subscription Box ($80 to $140 for 3 months, Urthbox)

Two more millennial trends — going vegan and subscription boxes — meet in this monthly collection of snacks and other goodies from Urthbox (Classic, Gluten-Free, Vegan and Diet boxes available).


Australian Red Clay Mask

ASARAI Australian Red Clay 'Earth Tones' Mask ($29, ASARAI)

Using real red clay from the Australian Outback (plus other cool botanicals like lime fruit extract from the rainforest), this mask detoxifies, soothes, and softens.


Zodiac Trinket Dish

Zodiac Trinket Catch-All Dish ($18, Urban Outfitters)

Yet another thing millennials are obsessed with: astrology. These zodiac sign-specific trinket dishes are a subtle, pretty nod to the celestial.


Coordinates Cuff

Lat & Lo Cuff ($89, Lat & Lo)

When shopping for millennial jewelry, unique is the name of the game. That's why these cuffs from Lat & Lo are ideal: They can be customized with the latitude & longitude coordinates of any "special place" (where you met your partner, where your baby was born, etc.).

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