10 Mother's Day Gifts For The Dog Lover Obsessed With Her Pooch

Finding the perfect Mother’s Day gift is not alway easy, and even if you do find something, you may end up second guessing your choice right up to the moment your mom opens it. But if your mom has a dog that she adores, your gift giving options might be a lot broader than you think. If you sometimes wonder whether your mom loves her pup slightly more than you, there are some great Mother’s Day gifts for the dog lover in her. Seriously, she's probably got enough coffee mugs that say #1 Mom and you've never even seen her wear the slippers you bought her last year. So get her where her love really lies — in her fur baby.

Moms are naturally nurturing, so it’s no surprise that they dote on and adore their furry children as much as they do. Sure you could still go the route of flowers and chocolate, but if your mom is a dog lover, why not get her a gift that celebrates her beloved pet? Not only will she love and appreciate the gesture, but she’ll probably get a kick out of showing it off too. So if your mom is a puppy-holic, here are a few terrific gift ideas she will appreciate.


Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool

Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool, $25, Amazon

Make mom’s life easier with this innovative Aquapaw Pet Bathing Tool that will not only eliminate a messy bath time, but the gentle spray will also help keep her pup calm. The strap fits comfortably over the hand and the included adapters allow it to fit to any garden hose or shower hose.


PetChatz Two-Way Camera

PetChatz Two-Way Camera, $350, Amazon

Leaving her beloved pooch at home can cause mom to worry, so get her this PetChatz Two-Way Camera so she can talk to him whenever she wants. The camera comes with a built-in screen, dispenses treats, and features a simple mobile app interface so mom can easily comfort and reward her pup when she’s not home.


Dog Bowl Water Bottle

Dog Bowl Water Bottle, $15, Uncommon Goods

In true motherly fashion, your mom probably keeps dog treats with her whenever she takes her pup out. Now she can even bring the water bowl along with this Dog Bowl Water Bottle from Uncommon Goods. The leak proof bottle comes with a dog bowl top, and with just a squeeze of the bottle, water will fill into it. Perfect for a nurturing dog mom who’s always on the go.


Barkbox Subscription

Barkbox Subscription, $21, Barkbox

Give your mom the dog gift that keeps on giving — get her a subscription to Barkbox. Every month she’ll get a different themed box that comes with two innovative toys, two all-natural bags of treats, and a chew for her pup.


Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks

Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks, $12, Amazon

If your mom loves dog themed everything, she’ll love these Cartoon Cotton Dog Crew Socks. The colorful five-pack features adorable dog face designs that she’ll love to wear and show off.


Subscription to 'Modern Dog' Magazine

Modern Dog Magazine, $16, Amazon

She might have all the glamour and fashion magazines she needs, but why not get your mom a doggy magazine she’ll love too? Modern Dog Magazine features tips and advice from experts, dog-friendly travel ideas, puppy fashion trends, and insight into the latest gear in the doggie market.


Pet House Candles

Pet House Candle, $22, Amazon

If your mom is always trying to get a handle on lingering pet smells, treat her with these Pet House Candles that are specifically designed to tackle the toughest doggie odors. They come in 15 different scents including Vanilla Creme Bruleé, Lavender Green Tea, and Bamboo Water Mint.


Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Handheld Vacuum, $30, Amazon

Let’s face it, dogs shed, which means mom is constantly picking up fur around the house. Make her life a little easier with this Bissell Pet Hair Eraser. The handheld pet vacuum is lightweight and features a flexible rubber tip that conforms to all kinds of surfaces including stairs, hard surfaces, and upholstery.


Jewelry To Remember Her Pup

Pet Remembrance Bracelet, $29, Etsy

Whether your mom has lost her favorite pooch or just wants to keep her current pets close, this sweet bracelet is just perfect. Customized with the names of her favorite furry loves, she can keep them close to her all the time.


Custom Pet Portrait

Custom Pet Portrait, $30+, Etsy

Custom family portraits are all the rage right now, whether they're in watercolor or markers, but pet portraits are pretty sweet, too. Order your mom a custom pet portrait so she can share the joy of her sweet pup with anyone who walks into her home. (You know, after the dog tackles them with kisses.)

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