10 Movies & TV Shows You Should Watch After 'A Christmas Prince'

Christmas may be over but that doesn't mean the time for Christmas movies needs to be. In fact, one of the best times to watch Christmas movies is on New Year's Eve. So if you're looking for an excuse to watch A Christmas Prince again, here it is. However, if you've actually met your quota on A Christmas Prince rewatches, you may want to try something new for the holiday. Below are 10 movies and TV shows fans of A Christmas Prince should watch this New Year's Eve.

Netflix's surprise hit has become the most talked about holiday movie this Christmas, beating out the Lifetime and Hallmark TV movies that typically dominate the holiday season. As a first try at the Christmas TV movie, the streaming site knocked it out of the park with A Christmas Prince. The film follows reporter Amber (Rose McIver) as she goes to the fictional country of Aldovia to get the scoop on Prince Richard (Ben Lamb), who's set to become king. Things get complicated, however, when Amber discovers Richard isn't the playboy she thought he was and she begins to fall in love with him.

While the film may be cliched and predictable, that's part of what makes it so fun. So if you loved A Christmas Prince, you should definitely check out these movies and TV shows. They're the perfect match.

1. Christmas Inheritance

Netflix's second attempt at the Christmas romance flick hasn't gotten as much attention as A Christmas Prince, but it's just as good. This movie follows Ellen Langford (Eliza Taylor), an heiress determined to prove to her father she has what it takes to run his company.

2. My Christmas Prince

Although the title is very similar to A Christmas Prince, this Lifetime movie is a bit different. Starring Pitch Perfect's Alexis Knapp as Samantha, Samantha believes her boyfriend is a European diplomat only to discover he's actually a prince. You can watch the full movie on MyLifetime.com but you will need to log in with a cable provider.

3. A Princess for Christmas

If this trailer doesn't give you the feels, I don't know what will. Just in time for the holidays, an estranged relative extends an invitation to Jules Daly (Katie McGrath), who lives in Buffalo, NY and is raising her niece and nephew. The small family are then whisked away to a castle where, of course, there's a prince waiting to fall in love with Jules. You can rent this movie for $2.99 from Amazon Video or buy it for $11.99.

4. A Royal Christmas

Lacey Chabert plays Emily Taylor, the childhood friend of Prince Leopold, and also the love of his life. However, his mother, Isadora — Queen of Cordinia, will do anything to make sure her son doesn't marry a "commoner." This movie is available for purchase on Amazon video for $12.99.

5. A Prince for Christmas

The last thing Prince Duncan wants to do is go through with his arranged marriage. To avoid it, he runs away to America where he meets a waitress named Emma, and they soon fall in love. You can see the full movie on YouTube, but unfortunately, none of the viewing options are full screen.

6. The Royals

If you're over the holiday spirit but can't get enough of monarchs, check out The Royals. The drama-filled series follows the fictional British royal family through their many trials and tribulations. You can watch The Royals on Amazon Prime.

7. A Cinderella Christmas

If you're like me and love every edition of A Cinderella Story then this is the movie for you. Angie works hard to run her uncle's business, letting her cousin Candace take the credit for it. But for one night, Angie decides to have fun and goes to a "Christmasquerade Ball" where she meets Nikolaus Karmichael. However, when Candace finds out, she makes Angie pretend it was Candace who Nikolaus fell in love with at the ball. This movie is currently streaming on Hallmark Movies Now, which is a part of Amazon Prime.

8. A Royal Winter

By now you know how this goes. Maggie ends up on a last minute trip to Europe where she falls in love with a local, only to discover he's actual a prince. Mayhem and romance ensues. This movie seems to only be available on YouTube.

9. The Crown

If you're looking for a more realistic look into the British monarchy, you can check out The Crown, which recently released its second season on Netflix. Learn all about Queen Elizabeth II's rule from the very beginning. It may not be related to Christmas, but it's still a definite must-see for those who enjoyed A Christmas Prince for the diplomatic elements.

10. A Bride for Christmas

Combine Runaway Bride with She's All That and add in a bit of Christmas cheer and you have A Bride for Christmas. In this Hallmark classic, a single man attempts to win a bet by getting a woman who's been engaged three times to marry him by Christmas. You can purchase a DVD of this movie from Amazon for $14.95.

There are plenty more holiday movies and shows to choose from, but if all else fails, no one will judge you for watching A Christmas Prince again.

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