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10 Newborn Baby Items Worth Buying, No Matter How Silly They Seem

I bought a ton of crap I didn't need when I had my first child. I also found that there was a ton of stuff that I needed that I found personally ridiculous, including a bunch of items I had sworn off before I became a mom. All that "When I have children, I'll never need..." stuff that inevitably comes back to bite you on the butt after you have some. To save you the same issues, I've come up with a list of the newborn baby items you need, no matter how silly they seem. This might not be the most basic stuff on your list, but trust me, you'll be happy you have every item.

Most everything you need for a baby is pretty simple. Diapers, wipes, some feeding supplies, and a warm, comfortable place for them to sleep. Parents have been doing it for thousands of years with no bells and whistles just fine. However, they also used to live without indoor plumbing and air conditioning, and thank goodness we can improve upon that. Nowadays, there are tons of options for parents that really make things easier, more streamlined, and really just better. These newborn baby items might seem ridiculous, but trust me, you'll thank me later.


The Splurge Carrier

This carrier is usable with babies 7 pounds and up — no insert required — and is a must-have. Let me tell you, not having to hassle with an insert for your carrier when your baby is screaming bloody murder and holy cow, all you want to do is make a cup of coffee, is everything.


A Diaper Bag With Room

I know what you're thinking, "Why do I need a diaper bag that holds a laptop or an iPad?" Because sometimes, your baby will only nap if they're in the car, or in the stroller, or they'll fall asleep when you're shopping and they don't transfer. Books are great, and I always have one stashed for these instances, but sometimes, you want to get some household work done. Or sometimes you want to veg out with a little bit of Pawnee's finest on Netflix.


Spare Milk Catcher

When you first start breastfeeding, your milk won't just let down one side at a time — that would be too easy and convenient. Nope, your milk will likely flow like a river from both deltas at once. That means that if you're not doing something to catch it, all of that milk from the side your baby isn't latched on to is just going to waste. This tool sticks to your breast hands-free while you nurse and catches the let-down. Cool, right? Nothing wasted.


Baby Shusher

Dubbed "the sleep miracle," this is a very specific sound machine for newborns that mimics the sounds of the womb. How cool is that? It's low enough so that it won't damage baby's hearing, yet loud enough that it registers and calms their little restless minds.


Nap Dome

This is essentially a compact pack and play for your newborn. It provides shade and an enclosed area for your little one, perfect for late summer picnics, fall get-togethers, and parties where you want them close by and protected.


Zipping Sheets

Ever try to change a spit-up covered sheet without waking up your baby? It's nearly impossible to do. But with this zipper system, it's actually pretty easy. The top of the sheet zips off, which means you can go corner by corner and just move your baby ever so slightly as you pull the sheet from beneath them and replace it. It's a miracle.


A Great Monitor

This one detects light, motion, and movement, as well as having a high-definition camera and cordless monitor that can come with you throughout the house.


A Rocking Bassinet

When you're tired and desperate, a rocking bassinet will feel like a gift from heaven as it lulls your baby to sleep. This one by Halo is great because it's the perfect height to sit right beside your bed, so when your baby does inevitably wake — highly displeased — you're right there. (Or your partner, whichever.)


A Cute Rocker Recliner

When you're tired and you just want to put your feet up, there is something utterly magical about a great rocker recliner. You may try to justify your own couch as being good enough, but just trust me. Plus it's a piece of furniture that will grow with your family, and I don't just mean that your partner will commandeer it for his man cave to watch SEC football every week in the fall, though that's certainly possible. It's equally likely I will use it to read a dirty book, so there's that. This one by Delta is so cute, too. It just looks good.


Velcro Swaddle

I could write sonnets to these blankets. They are completely adjustable, they don't come undone, your baby doesn't overheat, and you can almost do them one-handed. My babies lived in these when they were newborns, and the way they shoot their arms up when you first release them in the morning? Oh, the cuteness is so overwhelming my ovaries ache just thinking about it. Don't be a hero with a full blanket swaddle — let the velcro do the work for you.