10 Nursery Items Worth Buying, No Matter How Silly They Seem

Building a nursery is more work than you'd think — you end up doing a lot of research on every single item as you crosscheck those things with the Consumer Reports guide, what your friends bought, and probably some conspiracy theory crunchy websites that link everything to cancer. You're only doing your due diligence, after all. I know that I totally freaked out about it, and eventually, overbought everything. Thankfully, that made me quite the nursery expert. I know what you need, what you can trash, and I know about the nursery items worth buying, no matter how silly they seem.

I've had several hits and misses when it comes to buying things for my kids' nurseries. Soft rug? Gotta have it. Mobile that annoys the ever-loving hell out of me, and makes me regret my entire nursery theme? Bad, bad buy. At first, you'll probably just register for everything your family and friends tell you that you need. The pricey changing table, the wooden nursing stool, and maybe even a mirror for beside the crib so your baby can entertain themselves. Resist this impulse. Most of what you need is basic, but some things that will make your life easier may seem silly or like a splurge. Trust me, as a woman who lives in a tiny Brooklyn apartment, I wouldn't keep them if they weren't gold. These 10 nursery items are totally worth buying.


A Small, Touchless Trash Can With Filter

I know everyone loves the diaper twirling trash can, but it requires pricey refills, bending over and twisting the garbage, and it looks like a chain of poop sausage when you take it out. And no one just throws that in the garbage. They put it in another bag first, adding yet more waste. This item is touch-less, it has a stink filter, and it minimizes the waste. It's also aces for the bathroom when your child gets older and isn't crapping themselves regularly anymore.


Non-Skid Changing Pad Liner

I never had a changing table — there just wasn't room for it. Instead, I threw this on my bed and changed my baby there. These don't move, they don't leak, and they last a really long time. They're also clutch if your baby has a diaper rash and you need to let them lie about with their booty uncovered.


White Noise Machine

Get this. Trust me. When your kids sleep well, you're going to feel better. Also, my kids cannot sleep when we go on vacations upstate if we forget it because there's no city noise. This is a great machine at a great price and bonus, if you play thunderstorms, your babies won't freak out at the real thing. (At least mine don't.)


A Washable Soft Rug

You need an area rug that you can wash, that is soft to the touch, and that your baby will love. This one gets bonus points for being super cute, and it will transition nicely as your baby grows. It's not too cute, it's not too grown up — it's the perfect mix.


Blackout Curtains

If you don't have blackout curtains in your nursery, you're not living your best life. Dark, cool rooms made my babies happy babies, and honestly, they still love the darkness they provide. These help with naps, at bedtime, and when you want to hide with a glass of wine and pretend it's not still daylight out when your partner is out with your baby.


A Glider That Reclines

A rocker is a win in every nursery. Now imagine one covered in soft fabric and cushy cotton. Make it recline when you're exhausted. See what I mean? If you get one that's not hideous, it will also look great in your living room once the nursery outgrows it, and I'm sure you'll get years of use out of it.


A Cute Nightlight

When you check in on your baby, you don't want to stub your toe on the crib (been there, it sucks) or trip over your dog (I've also been there). A soft glow night light is just the thing. Also, this one is so cute with its fat little bear self.


A Crib Skirt

I know what you're thinking, "Why on earth do I need a crib skirt?" Only one reason matters: to hide crap under the crib. Ever try to sweep or vacuum under a crib? It is a pain. With a crib skirt, there's much less need. Do it every few weeks and use that under-the-crib area no one can see as storage.


A Cleanable Hamper

Seriously, get you a hamper that you can spray out with a hose. Trust me. Babies are disgusting. They puke, pee, and poop on everything, their food smells like compost, they pass a lot of gas, they wear everything they eat — just get you a hamper like this one. And if you go to Buy Buy Baby, don't forget your coupon.


A Good Monitor

Get a monitor that you like that has the bells and whistles you need. This Safety 1st HD WiFi Streaming monitor allows you to use your phone as a way to check in with your baby (eliminating the need for a bulky monitor to carry around), offers two-way communication through the monitor, and also allows you to set movement and sound detection alerts. It's pretty high tech, but worth it.