10 Reasons December Babies Are Automatically Complete Badasses

by Fiona Tapp

My self calculated due date was Dec. 15th. It was then amended, by my doctor, to Dec. 20th. After an ultrasound it was changed to Dec. 23rd. I didn't actually go into labor until 8 days later, and then endured a 48 hour labor and delivery process before my son finally arrived, on January 2nd. However, prior to his late arrival, I joined a December babies birth group, so I think my son still qualifies for "The December Babies Who Are Automatically Badasses" club.

When I first found out that my baby would be born in December, I have to admit I was a bit disappointed for him. I imagined that he would be robbed of the best birthday celebrations, and that everyone would be consumed with Christmas preparations to the point that his birthday was either forgotten, or just "part of the holiday festivities." I thought he might encounter the horror of having his birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper, because we all know the people that buy you a "birthday/Christmas combo present" are the absolute worst.

My birthday is in May and, growing up, each celebration was spent enjoying garden parties, picnics, and bouncy houses in the yard. I couldn't imagine a cold and frosty or indoor birthday. However, I soon realized, along with the other moms in my birth group, that being born in December (or very early January) is actually quite awesome. So, if you're staring a December due date in the face, know that your kid is automatically going to join the ranks of ultimate badasses, and here are just a few reasons why:

They Can Handle The Cold

I believe strongly in the old adage, "There's no such things as bad weather just bad clothing". It might not apply in a hurricane situation but, for the cold, you really need to front it out or you'll stay inside all winter long (which just isn't an option for me as my hometown, Ottawa, is often recorded as the coldest capital in the world.)

Now a robust almost 3-year-old toddler, my son loves the cold and rarely suffers from sniffles. I am sure all the crisp winter air he experienced at the beginning of his life, helped.

They Give Their Parents A Tax Break

I missed out on a whole year of child related tax breaks, because my son waited an extra two days to arrive. Thanks, kid.

They're The Youngest In Their Class

There's a lot of talk about how it can benefit a child's educational prospects to be the oldest child in the class but, as a former teacher, I know there are a lot of benefits to being the youngest.

Teachers are likely to cut your child some slack when they're the youngest of the group, because they know the difference a few months can make in the maturity of a child. Ironically, studies have also suggested that the younger students in the class are often the smartest. So, you know, your kid has that going for him or her.

They Have A Great First Month

Children born in December have only been alive a hot minute and, in the first month or so of their lives, they will have already experienced their first birth day, Christmas or Hanukkah (or any other holiday celebration of your choosing) and New Years Eve. What a way to start your first year of life!

They're Patient

Children born in the winter months sure have an overabundance of gifts and celebrations to look forward to, and in a very short amount of time. Then, of course, they have to wait 11 whole months for that excessive celebration to roll around again. Sure, it sucks for them, but it also helps them develop patience and the ability to delay gratification.

They Make It Possible For Everyone To Get In On The Fun

If your family doesn't celebrate Christmas, it can sometimes seem like you are a bit left out from the runaway tinsel explosion of commercialization and mass marketing that happens in December.

A new baby born at the exact same time that Santa decides to throw up all over our collective society, can allow you to get involved in the fun of the holidays.

They're Summer Ready

Once summer hits, your December baby is sitting up, using a highchair, crawling around and becoming more active. It's just so much easier to enjoy all the benefits of summer when your kid isn't, you know, a bump on a log.

They're A Sagittarius Or A Capricorn

Babies born in December fall under either the Sagittarius or Capricorn zodiac signs.

Sagittarius people are known as generous, extroverted, optimistic, and having a great sense of humor.

Capricorns are independent, practical, responsible, and self disciplined.

They Make It Easier For Mom To Hold Onto Her Body Confidence

Having a baby in the winter gives moms time to lose weight (if they wish) and recover from pregnancy and childbirth, while simultaneously wearing baggy, warm clothes. You don't have to come up with elaborate excuses as to why you can't make it to the beach, because everyone is hibernating; not just, you know, you.

While I think every body is a "bikini body" and you lose the baby weight when, you know, your baby is born, I can also say it made me feel more comfortable when I knew I could wear layers postpartum. Baggy sweaters and sweatpants weren't going to make me sweat, so I was a happy postpartum mama.

They Come From Pretty Badass Moms

My birth group is one of those supportive, non-judgmental birth groups. Every woman in it is fierce, amazing, and compassionate. We have been there for each other at all hours of the night, through colic, sleep training, breakups, and new pregnancy announcements. We have advised each other, cried together and shared pictures and the latest antics of our beautiful babies. Even though my son held on and arrived in January, he is still part of a group of December babies that are most certainly little badasses (and who clearly have badass moms, too).