10 Sentimental Father's Day Memes

Dads and fatherly figures can play a very important role in their children's lives. They change their child's diapers, read them bedtime stories, tie their tiny shoes, wipe their tears, kiss their boo boos, and so many other things both large and small over the course of your life. When looking for ways to celebrate these significant men in your life, you may stumble across sentimental Father's Day 2017 memes that perfectly capture all of your love and appreciation for the role they've played in your life. Sharing these memes with your father or other fatherly figures can give the holiday a much-needed dose of sentimentality in between the super sarcastic cards and stereotypical gifts.

Memes are easy to share and customize, making them a great addition to any gift or card you're already giving dad. (They're also great to send if you, well, forgot.) Whether you're using them as a Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram post, printing them out to create your own homemade card, shooting off a quick text, or otherwise sharing them directly with your dad, these 10 sentimental Father's Day memes will touch your dad's heart and show (and say) how much he truly means to you.


Too True

It's important to remember those who aren't biological dads, because they're important too.


Proud Dad

There's nothing like hearing that your dad is proud of you.


Your Biggest Fan

His belief in you and your abilities is never-ending.


Miss You, Dad

Father's Day is very difficult for those whose fathers are no longer around.


Always With Yo

For those who believe in Heaven and angels, words like these can be exceedingly comforting.


My Dad's The Best Dad

You're lucky to have your great dad.


Dads Have So Many Good Qualities

Your dad has so many qualities that he tries to pass on to you, which you will in turn pass on to others around you.


Dads Are Important

The advice, love, and generosity your dad provides can help you get through even the toughest battles.


For Those Who Serve

If you're father serves, then show your proud of him.


Just Like Dad

A dad should be the ultimate role model.