10 Sexy Mother's Day 2018 Gifts That'll Make Her Feel Like The Goddess She Is

Mother's Day is the perfect opportunity to give the mom in your life a restorative break. And let's be honest, that's just about the biggest turn on a mom can get. Most moms would forego all the flowers, chocolates, and store bought cards in the world in lieu of three hours to wander Target on their own without children hanging from a shopping cart, yelling, or demanding snacks. So if you're looking for sexy Mother's Day 2018 gifts that are sure to turn your lady on, start here.

Sexy gifts for women who aren't moms might run the gamut from sensual lingerie to a candlelit dinner, but when you're trying to find a sexy gift for Mother's Day, you have to approach the idea a little differently. If you start with finding ways that might make the mom in your life more relaxed or rested, you're going to be most successful. Any gift that says, "I know how hard you're working and I want you to get a break" is a gift that will keep on giving, if you know what I mean.

If you're in need of "sexy" gift ideas to give the special mama in your life this Mother's day, look no further than this list.


A Target Gift Card And Three Hours Of Freedom

Target gift card (prices vary, Target)

This equation for a sexy Mother's Day present is simple: a gift card she can (and should) spend on herself, and a window of time to shop at said store (three hours isn't too long) all by herself. Magic, I tell you.


A Hotel Stay — By Herself

You might not get to be involved in this, but believe me, it will pay off. Give her a night off in a nice hotel to sleep by herself, order room service, and watch whatever program she wants to, and she will come back refreshed. There's something about having children needing you every minute of every day (and sometimes night) that is a real turnoff for women. Take some of those clingers away for a few hours and you'll give her a worthy break.


A New Robe

Dreamwell Floral Robe ($50, Gap)

Instead of lingerie, try picking up something beautiful but useful like a new robe. This shouldn't necessarily be her everyday robe made for warmth or durability, but instead something that's pretty and will add a little life to her nighttime routine.


A Relaxing Face Mask

Hushu Korean Premium Facial Sheet Mask ($15 for 6, Amazon)

You'll probably want to avoid purchasing one that claims too loudly to reduce wrinkles or clears break outs. Focus more on the masks that offer relaxing, soothing, and rejuvenating properties.


A Meal Kit Subscription

Blue Apron Meal Kit (from $9 per serving, Blue Apron)

Not for her to make, but for you and your kids to make for her. It takes the pressure off having to ensure there are groceries in the fridge for dinner, and she can sit back and watch you and the kids put on a cooking show for her. More entertaining than the FoodNetwork and more delicious!


A Massage

No, not a couples massage, but a massage for the mama with no strings attached — just a genuine investment in her overall wellbeing.


Sassy Coloring Book

Go F*#^ Yourself Coloring Book ($6, Amazon)

I've never wanted to curse more than I do now that I'm a mom. I try not to, but this coloring book would definitely find relaxing as it would allow me to get out some of that sleep-deprived-induced-aggression without actually cursing.


Foot Massage Slippers

Foot massage slippers ($35, Amazon)

This is the type of totally ridiculous but possibly genius gift that could really turn a mama on. The bonus? If she's go them on she can't exactly get up and retrieve whatever the toddler has just thrown out of the crib. It's enforced foot relaxation and she's going to thank you for it.


Floating Wine Glass

Personalized floating wine glass ($12, Etsy)

...and a lock on the bathroom door so she can enjoy that glass of wine in the bath in peace without little ones (or you) barging in!


Lavender Eye Pillow

Lavender eye pillow ($14, Amazon)

A lavender eye pillow is just luxurious enough to make a great sexy Mother's Day gift. And it's a gift that keeps on giving - she can use it time and time again for maximum relaxation!

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