If Your Kid Loves 'PAW Patrol,' Try Watching These Adorable & Fun Shows

With simple plot lines, loud music, and the repetition that draws your kid in so completely, it doesn't take long to get burnt out on your children's favorite TV shows. But once they get going on a show, it can be hard to pull kids away from them. However, finding a similar replacement may just be the secret to saving your sanity and keeping your little ones engaged. So if shows like PAW Patrol are your kid's jam, this list could come in handy.

PAW Patrol follows a group of adorable rescue dogs who live out their motto of "no job is too big, no pup is too small," and work together to protect their community. The values of teamwork, bravery, innovation, and individual value that appear in the episodes are some that any parent would want their kids exposed to while watching TV. That being said, kids can fly through the seven seasons of the show in what feels like an instant.

If your kids are hooked on the adventures of tech-savvy Ryder, firedog Marshall, police pup Chase, and fearless Skye, they are likely looking for another action-packed storyline with lovable characters. If you want to turn them on to another show, consider one of these.

'Top Wing'

Featuring another gang of rescue animals, Top Wing on Nick Jr. could be the perfect solution for the Paw Patrol obsessed kiddo. The cute show follows best friends and cadets-in-training Swift, Penny, Rod, and Brody as they make their way through the Top Wing Academy, where they learn what it takes to become rescue birds on Big Swirl Island.

'Blaze & The Monster Machines'

AJ, 8-year-old superstar driver, and his best friend monster-truck Blaze, go on five seasons of adventures in Nick Jr.'s Blaze and the Monster Machines, a fun show that will teach kids science and math along the way.

'Bubble Guppies'

An old favorite for many kids, Bubble Guppies on Nick Jr. is another fun series that shows the power of teamwork. Odds are, your children will love it just as much as they do Paw Patrol.

'Abby Hatcher'

Get ready to fall in love with Abby Hatcher and her friends the Fuzzlies, creatures that have their own unique ability that makes them special. In Abby Hatcher on Nick Jr., she helps the Fuzzlies find themselves and have lots of fun along the way.

'Rusty Rivets'

Rusty is a DIY expert who uses innovation and creation to solve problems as they arise in Nick Jr.'s Rusty Rivets. Your kiddos will love his creativity and the exciting creations he brings to life.

'Pound Puppies'

Admittedly a bit older than some of the other shows on this list, Pound Puppies will be a hit for dog lovers. These rambunctious rascals will take your kids on all kinds of fun adventures.

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'The Adventures of Chuck & Friends'

These trucks know how to have a good time. Your preschooler will love following them as they go on energetic escapades and pass along positive messages to your little ones along the way in The Adventures of Chuck and Friends on Discovery Family.

'Peg + Cat'

From the big brains at The Fred Rogers Company, this cute series follows a girl named Peg and her cat, Cat, as they work together to solve problems. Each episode of Peg + Cat on PBS ends with a math problem that they solve together, offering an opportunity for learning as well as fun.

'Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood'

Another hit from The Fred Rogers Company, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood on PBS may be a bit slower paced than Paw Patrol, but the messages behind the show are just as meaningful. Let Mr. Rogers' tiger puppet come to life teach your kids a thing or two about handling their many emotions.

Justin Time

If shows that teach your kids something are up your alley, Justin Time on Netflix could be another new favorite. Justin and his make-believe friends, navigator Olive and Squidgy go on historical adventures that let them, and the viewers, explore the world.

So when your little one has breezed through the seven seasons available of Paw Patrol and you're looking for something else to keep them entertained, any one of these shows would be a good fit.