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10 Signs From Beyonce's 'Lemonade' That She's In The Illuminati

So, for years people have been obsessed with ties between the world's biggest star at the moment and the Illuminati, looking everywhere for clues that Beyoncé is a member of the cult group. And following the release of her latest album, with it's striking and powerful visuals, Illuminati believers have found plenty of evidence to back up their claims. So what are the Illuminati signs from Beyoncé's Lemonade? Here's a list of examples Illuminati watchers say prove, unequivocally, that Beyoncé is in fact a member of the group with roots in Satanic paganism and dedicated to calling on demons to come back and rule the earth.

Yes, Satan, demons, you read that right.

After spending a significant amount of time listening to and weighing the arguments that Beyoncé is somehow being controlled by Illuminati, some of the references do start to seem a little spooky. And Lemonade is full of symbolism and references that mean bigger things than the obvious subjects Beyoncé is tackling, like infidelity, female empowerment, and the experiences of black women in America. She must have known the Illuminati conspiracy theorists were going to go bananas over Lemonade, which is probably why she addressed it from the top, with the very first line of her very first single off the album, "Y'all haters corny with that Illuminati mess," she growls at the top of "Formation."

And it is corny as hell. Sure, some of the references are a bit eerie, but the true indictment people are trying to make by connecting Beyoncé with the Illuminati smacks so hard of sexism and racism — exactly the topics Lemonade is meant to blow up — that I almost have to wonder if she's just messing with them now. Because suggesting Queen Bey is just a beautiful puppet to a bunch of powerful men strips her of the credit for her success and her reach. These Illuminati groupies would rather believe Satan himself is behind the BeyHive rather than just giving Beyoncé the credit she's due.

But you'll have to decide for yourself who to believe. Here are the symbols from Lemonade that conspiracy theorists are convinced prove Beyoncé is a member of the Illuminati.

Dun dun dun.

The YouTube channel A Call For An Uprising appears to be leading a big part of the Illuminati/Lemonade conversation. In fact, one video, which spends almost 11 minutes breaking down all of the Illuminati symbolism in just the one-minute trailer for Lemonade has already attracted more than 2.5 million YouTube views. That's a lot of haters.

Here are the symbols.

Bey's Ankh necklace

The symbol on her necklace, according to the video, is the symbol for Horace, the Egyptian Sun God, also called Lucifer. But according to just about every other source, the Ankh is an Eqyptian symbol of eterman life used by the Pharaohs.

The Poetry On Lemonade

"The past and the present merge and meet us here," which according to A Call For An Uprising, means the Illuminati are trying to call and bring over demons or "fallen angels" from "the other side, behind the veil." The poetry was actually written by a young, highly-respected writer named Warsan Shire.

People Actually Think Bey Looks Like A Floating Demon

A Call For An Uprising/YouTube

I just see a fierce necklace and a cool dress, but others say this is Beyoncé possessed by a demon.

The Date The Album Came Out

The video narrator for A Call For An Uprising isn't sure what significance the date holds, but he's sure the Illuminati has the answers. But YouTuber illuminatiwatcher1 said the date is important window for the Illuminati because it was leading up to the group's big May 1 holiday, Beltane. The 13 days leading up to Beltane are a time for pagans and witches to act out blood sacrifices to either an "owl" or "bull" god.

...So, Of Course, There's An Owl

According to illuminatiwatcher1 "owl" is written on a window in Lemonade, and Owl was a god witches and pagans used to pretend to sacrifice children to (although, of course, hardcore Illuminati theorists say the sacrifices weren't always pretend). It could also just be a shout out to Drake, who uses the owl as his own moniker and logo for his brand OVO.

Bey Gives A Witch Hex Hand Signal

The Texas native is not giving the "hook 'em" horns here. Actually, this is a witch's hex, according to A Call For An Uprising. *Cue spooky music*

A Model In Lemonade Wore A Crown Of Thorns

Theorists say it was mocking Jesus' crown of thorns.

This Scene Is Apparently A Subliminal Message?

There doesn't appear to be much elaboration given.

Does This Say "CERN?"

I don't think it does, but CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research that operates the particle physics lab that is at the center of many conspiracy theories, including one related to the Illuminati in which the lab's work on discovering the Higgs-Boson "God Particle" will somehow usher in the goddess of death and the end of the world. A Call For An Uprising suggests "Cern" with a halo over it is what's written on the wall behind Beyoncé.

And there are plenty of fans out there who agree the Illuminati is heavily represented in Lemonade. You'll have to just decide for yourself how much of the talk is being encouraged by Beyoncé herself. Regardless, she's got everyone talking about it — even if she is just being a brilliant troll.