These 10 Maternity Staples For The Summer Are Perfect & Under $40

Pregnancy can be a magical time in your life, but it can also hugely expensive. Between furniture, breast pumps, car seats, and sometimes even a bigger car, costs adds up pretty quickly. Saving a little money on your clothing really helps, and having some summer maternity staples for under $40 can make sure your closet is well-stocked without going overboard.

Learning how to clothe your ever-growing, ever-shifting body during pregnancy is not the easiest thing to do. On top of that, it's all temporary — while you might get pregnant again, you're not sure when, and heaven knows what you'll even like at that point. Trust me, as someone who has been pregnant a few years apart, there are pieces from my first pregnancy that I would never dream of wearing during my second. (Or ever again. Who thought three-quarter length jeggings looked good with a long tunic tee shirt? Apparently me. Yikes on bikes.)

These pieces are a mix of fashion-forward trend pieces, as well as things like simple cotton dresses that could be worn during your postpartum period, and easily worn for another pregnancy. There are so many great options right now, it's not that hard to be thrifty and look your best.

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The Comfiest Of Dresses

You want a dress that is airy and easy when you're pregnant in the summer. This dress can be worn with a camisole or blazer if you want to wear it in a meeting, or you could throw on a jean jacket for a cool night at home. It's really a perfect dress, and for $35, it's a steal.


A Versatile Top

This top is long enough to cover even the lowest of "under the belly" maternity jeans. The'd look cute with shorts, leggings, or even the right skirt.


A Bathing Suit That Flatters

Even if the farthest you go is the kiddie pool in your backyard, you'll want a comfortable suit to wear. This holds everything in its place while cupping your bump beautifully. No, going to the bathroom won't be easy, but when is it ever when you're pregnant?


Easy Breezy Pants

These pants are everything. They're part stylish '70s throwback, part pajama chic. They're all parts stretchy relaxation. I am not pregnant, and I want these.


A Light Top

Poplin tops are possibly the most comfortable shirts you can wear when you're pregnant. In the heat of the summer, a shirt that barely touches you is wonderful. This top will provide plenty of breathing room, and you can even wear it when you're nursing.


A Hard Knock Wife Moment

If you're a fan of Ali Wong, then you'll remember her second special Hard Knock Wife. She wore a cute, stretchy leopard maternity dress. This is like that, but with much lower stakes and fewer members in your studio audience.


A Skirt That Looks Great & Stretches

Why do I keep suggesting skirts? Ventilation. There is nothing more glorious than a breeze between your sweaty legs when you're eight months pregnant in 80 degree heat. It's necessary.



These shorts are made of the lightest of fabrics. They have a roll down waist, so they're simple to maneuver depending on your bump size, and they come in three colors. Perfect for a backyard picnic.


They Almost Pass For Denim

When you want to feel like you're making the effort, but you don't want to make the effort, these hybrid pants are perfect. They are slightly dressier than leggings, but not by much. However, they are great casual pants when you need a little something.


A Classic White Tee

A simple white tee goes with almost everything. Worn under something for work, it pairs with a chunky necklace. If you want to just hang, you look chic while doing it. If you're having a party, pair it with a cute skirt. It's a classic for a reason.