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10 Super Bowl Activities For Kids, Because They Really Don't Care About The Game

While I'm a firm believer that kids make everything more fun, there is no denying that their attention spans might be a little short when it comes to the Super Bowl. I mean, I'm an adult and even I can barely sit through the whole game. If you're hosting a Super Bowl party this Sunday, it's a great idea to offer all or some of these 10 Super Bowl kid-friendly activities to keep them entertained. Just don't forget to invite at least one non-football enthusiast who can supervise the activities. (I'm personally always up for this role!)

Between tidying up the house, rounding up your invitees, and whipping together some appropriately gluttonous Super Bowl dishes, you're probably not going to want to spend a ton of time setting up a bunch of kiddie games. Don't worry – all of these are easy peasy to set up and either require no supplies, or just a few cheap ones. (I'd always recommend asking your guests if they have any of the things you need beforehand, considering you're already doing everyone a solid by entertaining the kids in the first place!) Not only will the kids in attendance having a blast, but so will some of the less sports-inclined adults (and we thank you in advance).


Football Bingo

Everyone loves bingo, and some football bingo is one way to instantly make everyone start paying attention to the game. Print out your game cards (like these printable cards from Etsy for $3.75, or these free ones from The Taylor House blog) and have the kids start marking anything they see or hear on TV. Don't forget to have a few cheap prizes for the winners!


Bean Bag Toss

Who doesn't love a bean bag toss (or cornhole, depending on where you're from). If you don't have the game, order it on Amazon or ask around – someone is bound to have a set. With a little green construction paper, tape, and creativity, you can turn the boards into mini football fields. Make sure to shout "Touchdown!" every time someone scores.


Football-Themed Simon Says

It's like regular Simon Says, but way better. As a group, make up movements to represent different football phrases, like "touchdown," "field goal," and "timeout." Once you've got a list of movements memorized, incorporate them into your Simon Says game by saying things like, "Simon Says... score a touchdown." Kids are out if they do the wrong move or do it when Simon didn't say.


Chocolate Football Hunt

My mother-in-law loves Easter eggs so much, she started doing "hunts" for every holiday and special occasion. Instead of hiding Easter eggs, however, pick up a bag of those little chocolate football candies and hide them all over the party space. The more creative you are with your hiding spots, the better — and the longer you'll be able to occupy the kids.


Pass The Helmet

This game is a little like Hot Potato, but you actually want to be caught with the "potato." Fill up a football helmet with candy and little treats (or, really, any item that can hold things) and put on some music. Have the kids sit in a circle and pass the helmet around, never holding it for more than one Mississippi. Whoever is holding the helmet when the music stops gets to have a piece of candy.


Football Cupcake/Cookie Decorating

Google "football cupcakes" or "football cookies" and you'll find a million and one different recipes and how-to guides. Print out a few images of the finished products, and set up a cookie and cupcake decorating table. Post the pictures for kids to work off of, and supply naked cupcakes, sugar cookies, icing, football candies, sprinkles, and so on. Their creations may not look quite as great as the Pinterest inspo, but they'll have fun nonetheless.


Halftime Show

Are any of the kids in attendance total hams? If so, this is the perfect activity to keep them busy for the first half of the game. Tell them that they're in charge of the party's halftime show, and give them various props, music, and ideas for creating an original performance. In all likelihood, the adults will still have time after the kiddo's performance to also watch the real one.


Face Painting

It might get a little messy, but face painting is always a hit with kids at parties. Print out a few different football face painting designs, like the Rams and Patriots logos, footballs, and so on, and set up a table with a variety of different face paint colors. Have crafty adults volunteer to do the face painting, or let kids paint each other. I'd just recommend supervising, or things are sure to get messy.


Blind-Folded Field Goals

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey, play a game of pin the football in the field goal. Construct a field goal on one of your walls using colored tape or a poster board. Cut out mini footballs, write each child's name on them, and put some tape on the back of each one. One by one, blindfold each child, give them a spin, and see if they can successfully stick their football within the field goal. Play a few rounds, each time starting the child from farther back and giving them a few extra spins, until only one victor remains.


Football Charades

Rip up some slips of paper, jot football terms on each one, throw them in a bowl, and host a game of football-themed charades. Each kid draws a slip and has to act out the word on it, without speaking. Whoever guesses it correctly gets to go next. Some words and phrases to include to get you started: touchdown, Patriots, Rams, halftime show, field goal, interception, fumble, end zone, linemen, quarterback, punt, tackle, cheerleaders, pass, coach, and time out.