10 Cute, Comfy Maternity Swimsuits You Can Find At Target

Shopping becomes something of a hassle after you find out you're expecting — you know your body's going to change, but not sure how or in what ways. Shopping when pregnant often becomes something you tend to do as you go, not something that's easy to plan out in advance. But, if you're pregnant and awaiting summer you might have swimsuits on the brain, and for good reason — there are few things sweeter than a pregnant belly in a bathing suit and these Target maternity swimsuits may be just what you're looking for.

Target's in-house maternity line, an exclusive line by Ingrid & Isabel, is touted as affordable maternity wear that doesn't look like typical maternity clothes. The line is composed mostly of fun, normal-looking clothes, and its swimsuit section is no exception. Most of the swimsuits in Target's Ingrid & Isabel line are classic and versatile, with one-pieces and mix-and-match tankinis, and they come in sizes S to XXL (which is equivalent to about a size 4 to 18, pre-pregnancy). Even better, some of Target's regular swimsuits can double as maternity suits, especially if your bump hasn't quite bump-ed or if you prefer a bikini. Either way, there's no shortage of selection at Target for maternity swimsuits, and if you're shopping from home, most of Target's swimwear comes with free shipping and returns.


Maternity Braid Back Tankini

Maternity Braid Back Tankini, $25, Target

You can't really go wrong with this tankini top in classic black. A tankini style suit can be versatile as your belly continues to grow, and Target offers a variety of bottoms to match with high-waisted or under-the-belly cuts to ensure your comfort.


Maternity Lace-Up Back Tankini

Maternity Lace-Up Back Tankini, $25, Target

This patterned tankini option is for those who like a bit of flair in their swimsuits. With an extra fun lace-up back and the same selection of bottoms as previously mentioned, this tankini is a great way to bring some personality to your mix-and-match collection.


Maternity Crochet Flyaway Tankini

Maternity Crochet Flyaway Tankini, $25, Target

If you're looking for fun and flirty, this crocheted tankini top is for you. This strapless top (it comes with a removable halter strap for those who prefer that) has a flyaway silouhette for a perfectly beachy way to show off your bump.


Maternity Tie Dye Twist Back One Piece

Maternity Tie Dye Twist Back One Piece, $35, Target

This awesome one-piece provides full coverage, but still brings a lot of fun to your maternity wardrobe. Not only does it have complete hip, belly, and breast coverage, but it also has a higher back while still being attractive and fun.


Maternity Floral Print Wrap Halter One Piece

Maternity Floral Print Wrap Halter One Piece, $35, Target

If you're into color and print in your one-piece swimsuit, this option is for you. With a tie halter neck and a wrap-style front, this maternity suit gives you sass and sexiness all in one.


Maternity Floral Printed Lace Front One Piece

Maternity Floral Printed Lace Front One Piece, $40, Target

This is definitely my pick of the maternity swimsuit bunch — fun, floral, lace, all with a low cu- tie neckline. If you're into showing off your new pregnant figure, this swimsuit has your name on it.


Crochet Bralette Bikini Top & Floral Bottoms

Crochet Bralette Bikini Top, $18 to $23, Floral Bottoms, $15 to $18, Target

This super cute suit can be found in the regular swimwear section at Target, but could still work when you're pregnant thanks to the full bust support. It comes in a range of sizes (XS to XL, D/DD tops, and plus size 16 to 24W), and a variety of coverage in bottoms. It's flirty and fun and not as stiff as most maternity suits either.


Women's Rib Crop Bikini Top & Bottoms

Rib Crop Bikini Top, $18, Bottoms, $15, Target

If you're early in your pregnancy or don't prefer maternity coverage, this is great suit. Since it has a low waistline and sits higher on your ribs, it has the opportunity to still be comfortable as your belly continues to grow.


Maternity Chevron Print High Neck Peplum Tankini

Maternity Chevron Print High Neck Peplum Tankini, $33, Target

This suit is a fresh and trendy take on maternity wear — a completely new silhouette that's sure to make you feel good. Some reviewers mention that it's not extremely supportive on larger chests, but many also state that it doubles as a top for those very warm days when nothing else is comfortable.

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