10 #ThanksgivingFails That'll Make You Grateful For Instagram

In the process of arranging the epic meal that is Thanksgiving dinner, something is just bound to go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law—the more you try to prevent it, the more likely you are to have a crazy misfire on your hands that you could never have predicted. But what better way to celebrate Thanksgiving fails than to laugh about them and share them with others? After all, isn’t that what the season is all about?

Luckily there are a whole host of generous people out there willing to let the world see their messy, complicated, hilarious Thanksgiving mishaps. Amidst all the stress caused by relatives coming over and preparing the huge banquet for the evening, taking a break to smile and not take things so seriously is the easily the best way to enjoy the holiday all the more. So whether you just found out you ran out of flour for the pie or dropped your rolls, these blunders will show you that everyone has at least one amusing accident that causes everyone to crack up.

These days, Thanksgiving isn't just a time for celebrating togetherness and being appreciative of what we have, but for witnessing utterly, completely entertaining fails. Let these shots remind you to keep your camera phone at the ready this year—you just never know what your family will contribute to this new tradition over the course of the evening.


When Your Candles Break

Oh, snap. This Thanksgiving's going to be low on ambience this year.


When the Rolls Are Uncooperative

One (slash a few) of these things is not like the other.


When the Pie Overfloweth

I mean, the crust is secretly the best part anyway, right?


When Your Pilgrim Is Headless

You had a feeling you shouldn't have left the kids alone at the table.


When You Can't Figure Out How To Serve The Pie

The instructions may as well be written in Wingdings.


When Your Dessert Doesn't Even Make It Out Of The Oven

RIP, pumpkin pie.


When The Potatoes Look Like Tar

Was ignoring the oven to hear the ending of Uncle Joe's story worth it? Yes, yes it was.


When The Rolls Get A Little Too Crispy

We prefer to call them well-done.


When The Toddler Tries To Spell "Thanks"

Celebrating hats this year.


When You Burn The Pie Beyond Recognition

Pecan pie, we hardly knew ye.

Images: Courtesy of shmabelia, erinmasi, hannahfaithwebb, vanilla_rayne, parmenter_jessica, brentculver, jrandles86, gracemitri, kosantowske, rcp3/Instagram.