10 Things To Do With Your Kid In The Spring So You Can Soak Up The Season

From the moment the first hint of spring hits the air, it's impossible to not get a bit excited about warmer weather looming just around the corner. Lounging by the pool, kids ragged with exhaustion at the end of each play-like-you-mean-it day, and longer daylight hours seem not too far off, but you know plain well that there's still a bit of waiting in store. After all, yes, spring brings with it higher temperatures, but it's also prone to rain and a few chilly days in between. That's why ideas for things to do with your kid in the spring are kind of in order. After all, what better way to get excited for a new season in bloom than seasonal activities to suit it?

This lineup includes a mix of outdoor and indoor activities because if there's one thing for sure, it's that spring can be a bit temperamental. But even the suggestions for indoor fun are super colorful and spring-like, ensuring you and your little ones will be excited about the upcoming season.

So, whether you choose a picnic at home, artsy indoor craft, or outdoor nature exploration, there's bound to be something you and your little ones will be excited to try.


Make DIY Own Stained Glass

Use various colors of tissue paper, cellophane, washable paints, and even markers to create DIY stained glass artwork that will bring a touch of color to your home when that spring sun starts to shine.


Pack A Backyard Picnic

One of our favorite activities is to go for a picnic in our backyard. Claire and I pack sandwiches, snacks, and drinks, grab a blanket and spread out in a patch of grass. You can also head to a local park and hit the playground for a bit when you are done eating. If rain puts a snag in your plans, then head up to your bed and call it an indoor picnic — we've been known to do it a time or two.


Get Crafty With Marbles & Paint

My daughter Claire and I have actually done this activity and she had a ball — see what I did there? — creating new artwork for the refrigerator. All you need is a foil pan (or tray lined in foil), paper, various colors of paint, and marbles to get started. Dot paint on the paper, then let kids roll the marbles around to create their next masterpiece.


Hunt For Four-Leaf Clovers

When I was pregnant with Claire, my husband Dan found a four-leaf clover and then, oddly, the tradition continued throughout the first year of her life. By the time her first birthday rolled around, we had six in our collection. Now that she's a toddler, we make a game of hunting for them together and spring is the perfect time to do it. Head out into your backyard or to a local park to find your own bit of nature born luck.


Make Your Own Bubbles

Check out this DIY Bubble Mix tutorial from Everychusday and whip up your own bubbles to try at home. All you need is water, guar gum, rubbing alcohol, liquid soap, and baking powder. Measure, mix, and have fun!


"Spring" Into The Season

This adorable activity from PBS is the perfect indoor craft for getting kids excited about spring. These Spring-y Flowers (paper flowers on a spring — get it?) can be tucked inside a gift bag or box, providing the perfect seasonal surprise for friends and family.


Turn Flowers Different Colors

When I was young, my mom, sister, and I would pick white flowers, like Queen Anne's Lace and dye it multiple colors to create a lively bouquet. All you have to do is fill a few mason jars with water, then tint each one with a different color of food dye. Pick a bunch of white flowers, then put a few in each jar. Let them sit overnight and in a few hours your flowers will have turned lovely shades of red, green, blue, yellow, and more. The bonus? It's a fun little science lesson about how flowers "drink" water to grow.


Design A Backyard Obstacle Course

Use pool noodles, hula hoops, and even faux awards to create the ultimate backyard competition for your little ones. Bonus? It gets them moving and leaves them ready for a nap.


Make Your Own Bouquet Of Flowers

This pretty spring flower activity from Samu TV Kids Learning requires multiple colors of finger paints and a few forks. Use the forks to create pretty "tulips" and a finger dabbed in green paint to draw a stem on each flower.


Build A Fort

I mean, is there really anything like an indoor fort? When spring rain keeps you inside, grab a sheet and drape it over chairs, the couch, or a table and encourage your kids to crawl inside. Provide flashlights, books, toys, and other fun items to keep them interested and make it feel like a home away from home. It's a favorite activity in our house and, somehow, it brings out the kid in everyone — little and big alike.

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