10 Super Sweet Ways To Announce Your Valentine's Day Baby

If you have a due date anytime in February, having a Valentine's Day baby has probably crossed your mind. The only thing cuter than a sweet little newborn baby is a sweet little newborn in their Valentine's Day best, after all. Whether your little bundle of joy was born on Valentine's Day or you're simply choosing to share the exciting news of their birth on the holiday, there is no shortage of ways to announce their arrival in a festive way. These 11 Valentine's Day baby announcement ideas are adorable ways to introduce your newest love to your friends and family.

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating love, and there is truly nothing more lovable than a perfect, precious newborn baby. As much as I love everyone's sappy public declarations of their devotion to their significant others, I'd rather welcome a new face, literally, on my social media feed. (And if you're a more private parent, there are options for announcing a a birth without showing your new babe's face, too.) Whether you're making a social media post, sending out an e-card, or mailing a good old-fashioned paper baby announcement, I can guarantee that it'll be everyone's favorite news on the holiday. Plus, it makes a pretty cute keepsake for your baby scrapbook.


Meet Our Valentine

Simple and sweet, just add the text "Meet Our Valentine" or "Our Little Valentine" to a photo of your little one. There are a number of free smartphone photo editing apps that will allow you to do this for a social media post, and you can even add hearts and other doodles. Or if you want something more tactile, you can't go wrong with these beautiful foil-pressed baby announcement cards (from $78, Minted).


Our Sweetest Addition

Next time your baby is asleep, scatter Valentine's Day candies all around them. Think candy hearts, chocolates, heart suckers, and so on. Snap a few photos, and add a caption along the lines of "Our sweetest new addition" or "The sweetest Valentine's Day yet". It's even better if you have a Valentine's Day-themed onesie for them to wear for their big photoshoot. Just make sure you clean up all the pieces as soon as you're done — safety first, guys.


My Heart Belongs To...

There are a ton of newborn onesies available online that say "My heart belongs to Mommy" ($12, Etsy) or "My heart belongs to Daddy" ($10, Etsy).With a little planning ahead, you can order one in time for a sweet Valentine's Day announcement.


Mommy Has Two Valentines

Take a sweet family picture with your new baby (if you don't already have a dozen), and add the caption "This year, Mommy has two Valentines!" If this isn't your first baby, adjust the number accordingly. Then, add all of your new baby's details.


Love Is In The Air

Take a sweet picture of your newborn, and across the top add the text, "Love is in the air, and we have big news to share." (Have you noticed I'm a fan of rhyming announcements?) At the bottom of the picture, include your new baby's name, birthday, weight, length, and so on – all of the information you'd share in a traditional birth announcement.


Footprint Heart


Many parents don't like the idea of plastering their baby's face all over social media, and this is an equally-cute option for them. Pick up some baby-friendly ink (or ask the hospital to use the black ink they use for getting newborn prints), and create a footprint heart on some pink or red construction paper. Underneath their tiny prints, share their name, birthday, and other relevant information. There is nothing better than tiny baby feet!


Thank You, Cupid!

If Cupid is responsible for making someone fall in love, he clearly is working overtime on new parents. On a photograph of your babe, write something like, "We're in love... thank you, Cupid!" along with all the details of baby's birth, like name and size.


Our Hearts Are About To Pop

Vladimir Trynkalo/Shutterstock

Valentine's Day balloons make the perfect announcement prop. Tie them to your baby's bassinet or hold them in a family photo, and caption the shot, "Our baby is here, and our hearts are about to pop!" A cute baby and a pun? That's perfection.


A Poetic Introduction

Yes, another rhyming announcement... but Valentine's Day is the perfect time for a love poem. On a photo of your newborn, or in a caption, write, "Roses are red, violets are blue, we'd like to introduce our Valentine to you!" Add a few Valentine's Day flairs, and you've got a precious announcement.


And Then There Were Three

Jennifer McCallum/Shutterstock

Another perfect option for parents not wanting to post photos of their new baby, this announcement only requires three candy hearts. On a surface, lay three hearts in a row three candies in a row. At the top write, "And then there were three...." and put baby's name and birthday at the bottom.