Valentine's Day classroom treats can be as easy as one little snack and a tag with ribbon.
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10 Valentine's Day Classroom Treat Ideas From Pinterest That Are Easy & Adorable

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether your child's class is celebrating with a party or card exchange, or you just want to send in a clever treat, you'll need some Valentine's Day treat ideas from Pinterest. Trust: you don't have to go bananas to make kids happy to celebrate a little party on Feb. 14. It can be such a sweet time for classmates to spread little messages of friendship with each other.

Pinterest is still my go-to place for inspiration and ideas. Over the years, I've turned to the site for creative inspiration on any number of things from wedding planning to small space living tips (thanks, NYC). And of course, after I had kids, I was scrolling page after page before every birthday for party ideas, then searching for kid-friendly recipes as my daughters grew older. Thank goodness for all the crafty people out there who can come up with such clever ideas for Valentine's Day and beyond: the non-crafty among us are very grateful. Check out these adorable treat ideas for your child's Valentine's Day party... feeling inspired yet? Luckily, most of these top treat ideas are pretty easy to execute, so don't let yourself get too overwhelmed in the perfection of it all.


"Hugs & Squeezes"

Meaningful Mama

With this simple printable and some red-and-white baker's twine, you've got a super sweet and easy treat for everyone, thanks to the blog Meaningful Mama. And give yourself a back pat: you're helping every child in the classroom achieve their daily fruit or calcium intake with these little yogurt pouches, so there's that.


"I Wish I Had S'more Friends Like You"

Overstuffed Life

I love how Overstuffed Life found an adorable card on Minted and then found a way to make it even more adorable, with individual 'Smores treat bags for every child. Who doesn't love carrying out a theme?


"Wishing You a Colorful Valentine's Day!"


How colorful are these personalized Valentine's Day stickers from Chickabug? All you need are clear cellophane bags and crayons. This is a really clever non-food item the kids will love.


"You Light Up Our Class"

Paper Cute Ink

Another simple idea that's perfect for every classmate from the creative minds at Paper Cute Ink. Grab a package of glow sticks to pair with each tag and you'll be good to go!


"Valentine, You're Dino-mite!"


My daughter went through a big-time Dinosaur phase, so these adorable dinosaur card printables found on Etsy (via Pinterest) really spoke to me. Pair it with a dinosaur eraser or toy and you have a fun little treat.


"Of all the fish in the sea, I'm glad you're friends with me."

One She Two She

If my children could eat Goldfish for dinner, they would. Love this idea using a guaranteed kid-pleaser, combined with an adorable printable quote from One She Two She.


"Hey, Cutie! Happy Valentine's Day"


Here's a healthy treat idea from Jane that comes with everything you need except the Cuties. Even better? The Valentine's Day gift set, which includes tags, string, and bags, is currently on sale.


"I'll Never Tire of Your Friendship"

The Kim Six Fix

Matchbox cars are such easy fun for little kids, so this free printable from The Kim Six Fix is perfect for a simple Valentine's Day treat. While "You Drive Me Wild" is a little bit much for the kindergarten set (IMO), I think "I'll Never Tire of Your Friendship" is as cute as it gets. Pair with a matchbox car from the dollar store and you'll be all set.


"Stick with Me, Valentine"

Creating Really Awesome Fun Things (CRAFT)

Adding another idea to the super easy and healthy Valentine's Day treat list: pretzel sticks! With a simple message and homemade card clipped onto a sandwich bag, this treat from Creating Really Awesome Fun Things is about as cute (and yummy) as they come.


"I'm Bubbling with Excitement Because You're My Friend"

Simply Being Mommy

Head to the dollar store for bubble wands and you'll have the first step done already, thanks to this sweet bubble treat idea from Simply Being Mommy.