10 "Weird" Habits Of Happy Couples

If you ask anyone who's in a relationship whether they're happy or unhappy with their partner, most people will quickly say they are happy. And although it would be great if everyone were happy with their lives, it's rarely the case. Most couples pretend to be happy to the world, but are really not when together. Since most couples strive to be happy, it's important to find ways to keep the good times rolling. One way to do that is to start implementing some weird habits of happy couples that you probably never considered.

One thing that couples have to remember is that happiness spans far past the typical "I love you" and occasional date nights. Though those moments are needed to keep the love going, your relationship needs more than that. Keeping your happiness in tact may require you to do something out of your normal routine and embrace new strategies that help you grow. And, if you are in this together, you'll produce an outcome that may be unexpected and so very worth it.

So, though some habits may be weird to you and your partner, these habits from happy couples could help you get your happy back and keep it.


They Communicate All Day, Every Day

According to Stronger Marriages, a weird habit of happy couples is communicating all day, every day. Whether it's a short phone conversation or a string of texts, staying connected with your spouse all day is a great way to keep the happiness flowing becasue it shows that you care.


They Go To Bed At The Same Time

According to HuffPost, happy couples go to bed at the same time. It shows that you are on the same page and doing your best to keep your relationship healthy.


They Walk Hand-In-Hand Or Side-By-Side

According to Psychology Today, walking hand-in-hand or side-by-side shows that couples are in unison with one another and want to be seen together.


They Make Play Just As Important As Work

According to Bustle, happy couples prioritize play. This is important to keeping the relationship happy becasue all work and no play will make your relationship become routine and stressful.


They Share A Ritual

Though sharing a ritual with your spouse may seem a little weird, it helps you to spend time together which makes you happier, according to Women's Health. This ritual could be something as simple as reading together before bed or listening to a certain playlist before work in the morning.


They Lower Their Expectations Of Fun

Lowering your expectations of fun is also another weird habit, according to the aforementioned Bustle article. Having fun together doesn't have to mean going on an extravagant trip to St. Croix and back. It can simply mean having a cook off at home or just listening to an awesome playlist together.


They Hug As Soon As They See One Another

According to the previously mentioned Psychology Today article, hugging your spouse as soon as you see them is a weird, but healthy habit. Since the skin has a memory of "good" (loved) and "bad" (abused) touch, continuously hugging your spouse associates them with "good" touch.


They Break Routine

The aforementioned HuffPost article noted that breaking routine is another habit of healthy couples. When it comes to lengthy relationships, things can turn into a predictable routine. So, doing something out of the ordinary can create new memories and bring a smile to your partner's face.


They Touch While They Sleep

According to Woman's Day, couples who touch while they sleep are happier. Since your daily intimacy with your partner can be mirrored by the distance you have when you sleep, staying close while you sleep can help you get closer during the day.


They Never Let The Third Date End

According to Oprah, happy couples treat life like the third date. That means regularly asking questions that don't pertain to finances, the relationship, or work. By doing this, they go back to the beginning of the relationship and continue to find out more about their partner.