10 Weird Things About Your First Postpartum Orgasm

There comes a point in every new mom's life when, after waiting for the mood to strike, she's ready to jump back between the sheets and get down to some serious bow chicka bow bow. With all the build up and wonder about what this particular type of first time will be like, you may be surprised by the weird things about your first postpartum orgasm that everyone goes through. So if I can offer any advice to moms who've just had their first baby, it would be to go ahead make peace with the fact that you can't predict what your body will go through in the postpartum phase. Because waiting for "normal" to return can be a fool's errand.

Between hormonal changes and the new responsibility of becoming a parent, all aspects of your life can be affected. Which means it's wise to be prepared for anything since these strange occurrences don't discriminate. As your body is transitioning back from having a baby on board, even your lady parts go through some ups and downs, resulting in some unpredictable behavior by your orgasms. As you navigate these new waters, remember you're not the only one. There are plenty of other mamas out there asking, "WTF?" when these 10 things happen to their big O.


You May Wait A Minute (Or 10)

Waiting a little longer than usual for that O to show up? Everyday Family noted that it's not uncommon for women to struggle with orgasms after childbirth due to low testosterone and the added stress of having a baby, both of which effect your sex drive. But keep in mind this is not a life-long sentence, as your body recovers, your lusty ways will too.


You May Go Multi

Although some women may need more time to kickstart their orgasms after childbirth, others can experience pleasant surprises in their postpartum romps. According to Women's Health, due to hormonal changes, "the number of nerve endings near your clitoris can increase, too, leading to more frequent orgasms."


You Might Bleed

Depending on what you're into, you may or may not like the sight of blood after a romp, but the reality of some showing up after your first time back in the saddle isn't that preposterous. As Self magazine pointed out, for some moms, bleeding can come and go throughout the postpartum period and may occur after sex.


You Start Obsessing

If you're one of the lucky ladies who felt some serious intensity in your first postpartum orgasm, then it's only natural to obsess over it. You may discover that you can't stop thinking about how delicious that was and find yourself thinking about having more of those incredible Os on the regs.


Your Mind Will Be Blown

How is this for weird: pushing out a baby can create better orgasms. It may sound strange, but it's true. As clinical sexologist Kat Van Kirk told Women's Health, "there seems to be some evidence that nerve compression from the trauma of birth can increase a woman’s orgasmic sensitivity in a positive way." Which means you shouldn't be shocked if the first O after baby knocks your socks off.


You May Surprise Yourself

After sharing a body with someone else for nine months, you may find that the first time you get your groove on after delivery makes you feel like a new woman. It might be surprising to find that you feel different in bed these days than your did when you had sex before baby or while your were pregnant.


Your Breasts May Leak

Breastfeeding moms be warned: your breasts may spray or leak milk when you orgasm. As Baby Center explained, "oxytocin, the hormone that causes the contractions felt during orgasm, is also responsible for the milk ejection reflex, or letdown." Even though this is perfectly normal, you may just want to give your partner a heads up.


You Feel It Less

Those powerful orgasms you know and love may take awhile to return after having a baby. Since your pelvic floor muscles get quite a workout during delivery, it takes time for them to heal and feel all those good sensations at maximum capacity again, as Parenting magazine explained. Doing kegels will help amp up muscle strength and get those Os back on track.


You Might Chafe

Pregnancy and childbirth can be a doozy on your hormones, meaning many aspects of life can be unpredictable for a while, even downstairs. As Healthline explained, post-pregnancy hormonal changes can cause vaginal dryness, which can make sex uncomfortable and irritating if you don't use a lubricant to give the glide a helping hand.


You May Feel Nothing

As much as you may hope for that first wonderful orgasm, more serious factors could be standing in the way of that possibility. Mental Health America estimated that 20 percent of new mothers experience postpartum depression, which can lead to a lower sex drive and decreased ability to orgasm. Receiving proper treatment will not only bring back those Os, but help you to manage and eventually recover from PPD.