10 Weird Things All Pregnant Couples Do That Are Admittedly Odd As Sh*t — VIDEO

Couples, in general, are pretty strange. After you've been with someone long enough, you have way fewer (if any) boundaries, and have accumulated infinite tiny pieces that collectively make up your own private culture. And chances are, that culture seems super odd to anyone who isn't one of the two of you. Pregnant couples, however, are on an entirely new level of weird, which has never been more apparent than when you're watching this BuzzFeed video about weird things couples do when they're expecting a baby. From viewing extremely informative (like, they show all the information — all of it) birthing videos to ordering everything off the drive-thru menu, pregnancy turns even the coolest of couples into nothing more than two-person dad joke factories.

What would be considered strange becomes normal: going to the bathroom every two seconds, and looking forward to having a tiny human poop every few minutes are things that seem completely unremarkable within the context of a pregnancy (as opposed to any other time in people's lives, when any inordinate attention being paid to bathroom behavior seems... a little off, to say the least). But expecting couples experience change way before their baby arrives, and, of course, that change manifests in a million tiny ways that are mostly hilarious and awkward and kind of insane.

Staring At A Moving Baby Bump

Couples will spend hours staring at that beautiful baby bump, waiting for something to happen. Maybe a hand or a foot will move and then you can capture it on video and then you can send it to the soon-to-be grandparents, so hurry up little fetus and MOVE ALREADY PLEASE.

Multiple Bathroom Breaks

When the baby starts taking up bladder space, hearing "I have to pee" will become a very, very common occurrence.

Ordering Everything On The Menu

Throwing down $30 at, say, Taco Bell, just isn't that far-fetched anymore. It's now normal to spend thirty minutes in front of the drive-thru menu, ordering everything for your pregnant self or significant other.

Eating Without Your Hands

Who needs a fork or a spoon or, hell, even your hands, when you have a baby bump?

Sushi Porn Becomes A Thing

Partners will ever-so-slowly eat sushi for one another, just so their pregnant lady can live vicariously through them. If that's not love, I don't know what is.

No More Curse Words

Couples will find themselves censoring their sailor mouths, because the baby might maybe could possible hear a four-letter word in the womb. I mean, they can't and they wouldn't know what it means even if they could, but still, somehow that concern is there.

Watching Other Babies Being Born

In the name of preparation and education, couples will watch birthing videos. Because staring at stranger's vagina while a baby comes out is totally normal, right?

Switching Baby's Music

They say (and yes, when you're pregnant, "they" say a lot of things) that having your child listen to classical music when they're still in the womb can help their brain develop. They haven't said if rap does the same, but that won't stop your partner from trying!

Laughing At Bodily Functions

Farts, man. They're going to happen. And a partner that can laugh at them with you is a partner worth having around.

You're Excited To Lose Sleep

You know that a screaming, crying, pooping human baby is on the way. You know you're going to lose sleep (and probably pieces of your sanity) but it doesn't matter. You and your partner just can't wait to meet him or her.

Watch The Full Video

You can watch the video in its entirety above. Prepare to laugh and then get all the weird, adorable couple feels.

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