Work from home clothes can be comfortable and still work for your Zoom meetings.
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10 WFH Looks So You Can Take A Zoom Call *&* Comfortably Chase Your Toddler

I've been working from home for several years, and one of the best things I ever did for myself was getting in the habit of putting on real clothes, brushing my hair, and sitting at a desk to work. Finding the right clothes for your new work-from-home life can be tricky — you want to feel like yourself, but you also need to be able to wrangle a toddler and make lunches for everyone. However, thanks to the popularity of comfortable separates and athleisure, it's easier than ever to rock your work-from-home look.

It is extremely tempting to just wear leggings every day, and if I'm honest, there are many days when I do just that. However, I have done my best to separate my "day" leggings from my "sleep" leggings so that I am not constantly wearing the same things 24 hours per day. Plus, as I often have meetings that take place over Zoom, feeling presentable and professional goes a long way for my confidence. The trick is to find pieces that aren't precious, but practical and also pretty. They need to be comfortable enough to play games with your active toddler, and yet nice enough that if you have to jump on a call, you look ready. (Apart from the bit of pancake in your hair. No one noticed, I promise.)

Here are some of the best pieces I've found.

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Ready For Spring

These are gorgeous, aren't they? Yes, they look a bit like the set of Golden Girls, but that might be my favorite thing about them. That, and they're made of stretch jersey that launders like a dream and feels like jammies.


A Drawstring Goddess

They're called soft pants, y'all. What more needs to be said? They're stylish, machine washable, and they'll hide tiny handprints.


A Comfy Jumpsuit

Normally, jumpsuits are super comfy, but a pain in the butt. However, if you're at home, and are only using your own bathroom, they're decidedly less of a practical imposition. Plus the waistband is never bothersome.


Classic For A Reason

These are actually what I am wearing right now. They are fashionable, come in a range of sizes, and they last forever. I like pairing them with a cute sweater and fuzzy socks when I'm home. When I go out, I throw on my sneakers barefoot.


A Daytime Nightgown

Yeah, it's basically a fancy day nightgown. I am here for that. Who isn't? It's one-piece, what could be simpler?


Is It A Robe, Is It A Cardigan? Who Knows?

My husband likes to keep the house at roughly 3 degrees below 0, and since home all the time, now I'm freezing. I find myself wrapping up in big, cocoon-like sweaters, and this really fits the bill. Plus it's hooded, so I can pull it up and pretend like I can't see what my kids are destroying.


Comfortable Pants

These are like wearing a light sweater on your leg. They're stretchy and soft, and just lovely overall. Plus, they can easily transition into your "go to work" wardrobe.


Maternity Leggings That Are Long Enough

I am 6 feet tall. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find maternity leggings that were anywhere near long enough? These leggings from Anook are breathable, long as heck, and they can be worn postpartum.


Fancy Leggings

Since we're doing everything at home — working, working out, and living — why not give it some pizazz? I own these, and they are extremely comfortable. They also make me feel like a mermaid.


For Meetings

On those days when you need to look suited-up, a stretchy, soft blazer will help. It's comfortable and wearable for home, but still looks great. It comes in two great colors, and it's affordable.