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11 '90s Boy Band-Inspired Baby Names For Your Future Mic Dropper

Spiked tips, bleach blonde hair, middle parts, long shirts, and dancing that can only be described as oh-so-'90s — these traits all make up the quintessential boy band member of the 1990s. No doubt, you had a poster or two hanging in your room, or maybe even a CD. Boy bands were a big part of our childhood, and if you're looking for a baby name, then '90s boy band-inspired baby names are great for several reasons.

The boys behind the bands usually had quintessential '90s names to go along with their decade appropriate hair and dancing, so choosing a name like Justin won't automatically make people assume that you're still obsessed with N'SYNC. (And hey, no judgement if you are.) And, for those of you looking for a more unique choice, there were some great boy bands out of England and Ireland during the '90s whose fame reached America, but whose first names still remain more or less unknown.

So whether your child is destined to be the next big thing or you're just looking to re-live one of your favorite childhood hit singles, there's no shame in choosing one of your favorite '90s stars for inspiration behind your baby's name. And don't worry, your secret is safe with me.



Aaron Carter followed in the footsteps of his big brother Nick of the Backstreet Boys. Though his hit song I Want Candy wasn't released until 2000, he was rising to fame in the late '90s. Aaron means "high mountain or enlightened" and, depending on the spelling, makes a great gender-neutral name.



Jonas Brothers, step aside. Because long before you came on the scene, brothers Isaac, Taylor, and Zac were breaking hearts. Their last name happens to make a super unique first name with Scandinavian origins.



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Ritchie Neville was one of the members of 5ive, a boy band from England who had worldwide success, especially during the '90s. A variation of Richard, which means "dominant ruler," it's a unique choice for your child.



Nick Lachey rose to fame as part of the boy band 98 Degrees. He has since produced music under his own name as well as made a name for himself (kind of) as an actor. His name is short for Nicholas, meaning "people of victory."



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Donnie Wahlberg was one of the founding members of the boy band New Kids On The Block. His name is a younger, slightly cuter version of the older sounding Donald or Don.



One of the members of the iconic '90s R&B band Boyz II Men, Nathan Morris is still performing with the group to this day. His name is Hebrew for "given," and is a slightly more common alternative to his brother Wanya.



Howie is one of the five members of The Backstreet Boys, along with Nick Carter, A.J. McLean, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell. Howard means "high guardian or brave heart," so it's much more than a '90s boy band name.



The diminutive form of Lancelot, meaning "servant," Lance is a unique choice from N'SYNC's own Lance Bass.



From the Latin word for "righteous or upright," Justin was made popular by mega-star Justin Timberlake.



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Ronan Keating was one of the members of the Irish boy band Boyzone. His name means "little seal" and is a unique choice that most definitely doesn't scream "boy band."



Devin Lima, one of the vocalists of LFO, has a great gender-neutral name that means "poet." Though "New Kids On The Block had a bunch of hits. Chinese food makes me sick" aren't really the most poetic lyrics of all time, his name is still worth considering.