11 '90s Fashion Your Child Should Wear To Be All That & A Bag Of Chips

Most people tend to cringe a when looking back on old pictures or photos from their yearbook, largely because their style would be considered outdated now. But thanks to the fashion gods, the looks from your '90s childhood have made a comeback in a major way. Though your kids might still laugh at you when you try to convince them you were cool once, too, you'll have the pics to prove you rocked overalls and babydoll dresses since way back. With that in mind, there are plenty of '90s fashion your child should wear. Plus, it'll be a fun trip down memory lane.

To be clear, not everything about the 1990s were great. There were some trends that were awful even when they were first invented. JNCOs and jelly sandals come to mind, but I could be a bit biased since the supposedly fashionable footwear always left me with bloody blisters. Thankfully, for your kids, a lot of the looks from yesteryear have received some definite upgrades and improvements.

Though you don't have to send your child to school looking like they stepped out of a random time machine, decked head to toe in retro '90s gear, you can still incorporate some of the more memorable fads into their wardrobe. So check out these '90s fashion your kid should, like, totally wear.


Butterfly Clips

Not only were these the highlight of many girls trips to Claire's back in the day, but they're actually pretty practical when you think about it. If your child is feeling independent and wants to do their own hair, they really can't go wrong with adorable mini butterfly clips.



Though today's overalls provide a decidedly better fit than the "did those actually belong to a farmer?" style of the '90s, the overall aesthetic is still the same. Plus, it makes the morning routine a bit faster since any top can go with overalls.


Grunge Everything

From Doc Martens to cozy flannels, the Grunge scene really had some tight looks. If your kid likes indie, alternative styles, then taking a page out of the '90s style playbook could be right up their alley. Besides, who doesn't love a good flannel?


Denim Everything

Another thing '90s peeps couldn't get enough of was denim. I'm talking jeans, jackets, hates, you name it. Though your kids might not want to go full-on with your Calvin Klein and Tommy Hilfiger realness, the denim trend is most def en vogue.


Matching Sets

Thanks to films like Clueless and Cruel Intentions, wearing a matching skirt and top combo was a trademark style for many preppy girls. To update the look for your child, they can opt for complimentary color palettes or go with solids so they don't feel too dated.


Skater Dresses

For the gal who paired her daisy print frock with her boyfriend's shirt tied around her waist and a trusty pair of high tops, the skater dress was primo. Your child can easily rock this alt option in the present, too.


Umbro Shorts

Speaking of sporty styles, the dudes of the '90s totally rocked Umbro soccer shorts. You didn't necessarily have to play soccer to wear them, but they had a laid-back athletic vibe about them that kids today could totally dig.



Maybe it's just me, but I feel like the '90s really embraced hats more than today's generation. From snapbacks (though we just called them caps in my day) to the over-the-top style popularized on Blossom, hats definitely deserve to make a comeback in your kid's life.



Puka shells, hemp, stretchy, studded, and anything you could possibly imagine was fair game when it came to the choker necklaces of the 1990s. Whether you have some swag leftover from your childhood or not, you can introduce your kids to some iconic accessories.



Aside from their school-related function, plenty of folks used backpacks as a fashion statement, adorning them with patches and pins. Give your kids some free reign in the creativity department and have them put their own stamp on the throwback backpack.


Mood Rings

If friendship bracelets symbolized summers in the '90s, then mood rings were the accessory de jour when you compared auras with your classmates. There may not be a whole lot of firm science behind them, but your kids will love experimenting with the spectrum of mood rings.