11 ‘90s Makeup Trends Every Cool Girl Wore


They say what goes around comes around, and that’s especially true when looking at the fashion fads that cycle into popularity time and time again. So it’s not surprising that the ‘90s are having their moment, and anyone who grew up during the decade of butterfly clips and choker necklaces might be having some serious deja vu. The iconic ‘90s grunge gear has been seen on runways and streets alike, and many ’90s makeup trends seem to be making a comeback as well.

But just because cool girls rocked the shimmery eyeshadow and black lipstick in the ‘90s doesn’t mean it necessarily has to make a comeback. Don’t even get me started on the infamous “business in the front, party in the back” mullet? There are definitely some embarrassing ‘90s beauty trends the fashion and beauty world should never revisit. But it’s still fun to look back on the ‘90s makeup every cool girl wore back in the day. Hell, it may even be the ‘90s into your beauty routine, check out the classic ‘90s makeup trends that all the cool girls rocked during the decade of boy bands and jelly sandals.

1Shimmer Eyeshadow


Thanks to the new Star Wars, metallic eyes are back en vogue. But back in the '90s, Kate Moss rocked the shimmery look in many funky shades.

2Nude Lips


One of the biggest trends in beauty was the nude lip, worn either in a creamy matte or a sheer gloss. You can see the neutral look in the present with the Jenner and Kardashian women rocking the nude pout.

3Bindis & Gems


Stick-on facial jewels and the decorative bindi were favorites of the alternative '90s chick. Looks so bold are mostly seen solely on the runway or music festivals now.

4Drawn Eyebrows


Whether heavily filled in like Linda Evangelista or pencil thin like Drew Barrymore, eyebrows were far from looking natural or untouched. Bold brows are definitely back thanks to celebs like Cara Delevingne.

5Fresh-Faced Androgyny


Celebs like Winona Ryder and even supermodels embraced the boyish trend with shorter hair and less makeup. Now, models like Rainn Dove are taking androgyny to a whole new level.

6Brown Lipstick


What girl didn't have a couple trusty brown lipsticks in her makeup bag? It was definitely the go-to shade of many gals both on-screen and off.

7Glitter Everything


From your favorite lotion from Bath & Body Works to shadows and face powders, glitter was in everything. Glitter was in every '90s party girls' beauty arsenal.

8Iridescent Lipstick


Lipstick was and still is one of the most popular ways to express your style and personality. Unique colors and shimmery finishes were super on trend for lips.

9Blue Eyeshadow


It seems like no celeb was safe from the allure of the bold blue eye look. Whether bright, glittery, or muted, blue was a very popular hue for eye shadow in the '90s.

10Lip Smackers


A tween favorite, Lip Smackers were all the rage and came in a variety of flavors (my personal choice was Dr. Pepper.) And if you were really cool, you wore them around your neck.

11Dark Lips


Somewhere between goth, grunge, and ultra-chic, a lipstick in a deep shade was your way to make a statement to the world.

Images: MTV Production Development; Giphy (11)