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11 Adjustable Face Masks For The Whole Family That Won't Fall Off All The Time

Now that face masks are an everyday accessory, everybody is starting to figure out what they like (and don't like) about certain styles. One of the most important thing about a mask is how well it fits. Luckily, there are plenty of adjustable face masks for the whole family on the market, and some of them are even pretty cute.

Although wearing a face mask can help reduce the spread of COVID-19, as well as show consideration for the health of others, some styles of masks can feel pretty uncomfortable over time. Maybe the straps irritate the backs of your ears, or the tight fit causes a headache. Then there's the whole challenge of trying to get your kid to wear a face mask — the comfier the mask, the likelier they'll leave it on. At least with all the many different styles and sizes of masks now available, you can find the version that works best for your family's needs.

There are lots of masks that feature adjustable ear loops or ties, so it's easier to get a pleasant fit. And there's truly a mask for every taste, whether you're into familiar retailers or indie makers. Seriously, it's kind of amazing to check out all the cool designs of masks now, many of which can be cinched up for a custom fit.

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Triple Layer Cotton Face Mask With Adjustable Ear Loops

Available from Etsy seller Lepetitlingeblanc, the Adjustable Ear Loops Triple Layer Cotton Face Mask is perfect for people who want a custom fit. The ear loops are adjustable, and there's also a nose wire to add a little more structure. Plus, the masks come in tons of solid colors and prints, so there's definitely one to match your style.


Triple-Layer Cloth Face Masks for Adults (with Ear Adjusters)

This huge retail chain has a correspondingly huge variety of masks for sale. Everything from nautical designs to cool botanical prints are available, and there are adjustable straps for your ears. Plus, the multi-pack deals make it easy to stock up on masks all at once. (And of course Old Navy has adjustable face masks for kids, too.)


Bridges Mask

Made with special adjustable loops to help protect your ears, the Bridges mask also has a cool geo design. In fact, the Aloha Glamour boutique features a variety of gorgeous masks, including a selection of African Print Face Masks and colorful Pride Feather Masks. Also check out the vibrant Kids Fashion Face masks.


Children's Face Mask

Crafted with adjustable ribbon ties, this mask from Boxing Kitten is handmade in Los Angeles. It can fit many different ages, from toddlers up to pre-teens, as shown on the website. Even better, for every two masks purchased, one is donated to a person in need. (Yes, they make adjustable adult sizes, too.)


Organic Cotton Face Masks

Made without plastic or elastic, these organic cotton masks simply tie behind your head for a custom fit. Available in both child and adult sizes, the face masks from Avocado also provide a pocket for filter insertion. They are a GOTS certified finished product.


Crayola Kids Reusable Cloth Face Mask Set

Featuring a fresh new mask for every day of the week, this kit is ideal for your busy kid. They have adjustable ear straps, as well as a fun color selection. (And yep, there are teen/adult sizes if you're vibing with the bright colors, too.)


Green and Blue Gingham Cloth Face Mask

Crafted from a woven shirt fabric, this sharp-looking cotton mask also features an inner filter pocket. Simply tie it behind your head for a custom fit, and go about your day. For every mask sold, the company will donate $5 to the New York City organization Women In Need (WIN).


Black Linen Face Mask

Designed as the "mask that I want to wear every day," this black linen mask brings some serious elegance to your pandemic wardrobe. (Who thought that would ever be a thing?) The shaped cotton fabric is made for comfort, and the ties give you a custom fit.


Pick-Your-Print Face Masks

Choose from Vistaprint's giant range of designs, or even create your own. They are available in adult large, adult small, and kid sizes, and they feature those all-important ear adjusters. Now your whole family can rock matching masks.


Grape Tie Dye

Simply pull on the string to adjust these masks over your ears. (For little kids, this style of adjustment is probably easier than dealing with bows or knots.) This company offers masks in a variety of tie dye and splatter print designs (as well as some more low-key options, too). Whatever style you choose will keep you and your family comfortably masked for the rest of the pandemic.


Soft Terry Masks

Made from 100% cotton, these soft terry cloth masks are super breathable and lightweight. If you're not into solid colors, there's also a "sea glass" option (a turquoise, pink, and blue pattern that looks like the shimmery beach stone).

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