11 Ways To Save Even More Money On Amazon

With the holidays well in the wind, trying to recoup what was spent may not be as easy for everyone. Though the start of the year may produce more budgeting than before, that doesn't mean you completely stop shopping for the things you want or need. From finding and snagging deals to shopping on the right sites, budgeting is easier than you think. One site in particular that already offers bargain prices on products is Amazon. Mix your knowledge of their cheap prices with Amazon hacks to help you save money, and you've literally have found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am super cheap. It's not that I don't like to have nice things, but I've been broke before, and I've told myself that I never wanted to feel that again. In order to stick with my proclamation of never being down in the financial dumps again, I started shopping smarter, finding coupons, and only getting items when they were in a certain price range. Though everyone may not agree with my method of shopping, it has definitely saved me a heck of a lot of money throughout the years and has gotten me some pretty good steals, too.

If you're looking for a way to steal the deals like I do on Amazon, these 11 hacks will help you get there.


Sign Up For Amazon Prime

If you haven't signed up for Amazon Prime yet, you're missing out. Not only will you get free two-day shipping, but you'll also be able to get a free 30-day trial if it's your first time signing up.


If You're In School, Sign Up For The Student Discount

Back in school for the New Year? Don't forget to sign up for Amazon Prime using your school's email address for a free six-month trial.


Convert Your Prepaid Gift Cards Into Amazon Gift Cards

Have a few old gift cards hanging around with low balances? Convert them over to Amazon cards. Check the balance on the card first, head over to your Amazon account and go to the "E-mail Delivery Gift Card" section. Log into Amazon and head over to an email delivery gift card (like this one). Enter your exact card balance, your email address, and your payment card. Once you've received the code via email, click the "Apply A Gift Card To Your Account" in your account section, and enjoy your perks.


Check For Clickable Coupons

If you're planning to get your groceries through Amazon, don't forget to check the coupons listed on the main product page. Once you click on them, they'll automatically show up in you cart once the purchase is made.


Don't Be Afraid To Shop A Product In Another Country

Be sure to check Amazon's international sites for lower prices on a product. This especially works well for textbooks. If the latter is what you need, try using the Cheap River site to compare book prices in one place.


Try Searching The Amazon Warehouse/Outlet

Although the Amazon Warehouse portion of the site hosts refurbished and open-box items, it's a definite way to lock in a deeper discount. Amazon Outlet on the other hand, offers users new items. The only thing about the Outlet is that the items will be either discontinued from the manufacturer or out of season.


Get A Free Month Of Prime If You Don't Get Your Shipment In 2-Days

Using the two-day shipping that comes with Amazon Prime? Be sure to keep track of when you receive your product because if it arrives after the designated arrival date, you've just scored yourself a free month of Prime. Just contact costumer service to cash in.


If You Have Amazon Prime, Amazon Mom Is Free

Every expecting or new mom can appreciate saving any bit of cash they can and with Amazon Mom, it's totally possible. If you're a Prime member, Amazon Mom will offer you 20 percent off of diapers and 15 percent off all baby registry items within 60 days of your due date.


Order Your Items Separately For Faster Shipping

Since Amazon packages all of your items together, paying for one-day shipping on one of your items will boost the chances of you getting all of them in one day. Just simply pay the shipping price for one item and leave the rest as two-day. Your chances of receiving everything in one day will increase.


Get An Extra 5 Percent Off With The Amazon Store Card

Shop Amazon frequently? Applying for the Amazon Store Card just might be the right move for you. Though the interest rate is a little high, you'll be able to get five percent back in the form of a credit at the end of each billing period.


Get Free Prime If You're A New Sprint Or AT&T U-Verse Customer

Are you a new Sprint or AT&T U-Verse customer? Nab a free year of Prime if so. And, if you're not, don't worry. Sprint customers still get two free months just for being apart of the team.