11 April Fools' Day Pranks For Kids To Play

April 1 is like Christmas Day for pranksters. Otherwise known as April Fools' Day, it's the one day of the year when playing practical jokes on other people is acceptable and even expected. You may not have even thought about celebrating April Fools' Day since you were a kid, but being a parent is the perfect excuse to let yourself have a little April Fools' Day fun this year. If you want to celebrate all that is awesome about April Fools' Day with your little ones, you need some April Fools' Day pranks for kids to play that are fun, but won't totally destroy your home.

As noted, the origins of this holiday aren't exactly known, but April Fools' Day gained popularity across Britain in the 18th Century. The tradition of pranking friends and family has continued around the world ever since. This year, April Fools' Day is a Saturday, leaving you and your family plenty of time to pull all sorts of pranks on one another.

But if you aren't good at coming up with pranks on your own, don't worry. This list of shenanigans is totally appropriate for even some of the tiniest jokesters, and will leave everyone in your house laughing — unless, of course, the joke's on you.


Juice You Can't Drink

Your kids will crack up at this stiff drink trick suggested by Parenting. Fill a glass with gelatin and refrigerate overnight. The hilarious result will be a solid drink that's impossible to gulp.


Eyeball Ice Cubes

Make your drinks more fun with an eyeball ice cube prank from the Kids Activities blog. Use a food marker to add "eyeballs" to your mini marshmallows. Freeze the decorated marshmallows with water in ice cube trays and serve in a family member's glass of water.


Cereal Fun

Add some color to your breakfast with this magical cereal prank from Popsugar. Simply add a few drops of food coloring to a bowl of cereal. When the milk is poured, your family will be in for a colorful surprise.


Stuffed Shoes

Your feet are sure to get a surprise with this stuffed shoe trick from the Kids Activities blog. Let your kids place cotton balls, beads, or tissue inside the shoes of someone in your household. Slipping on their favorite pair will be a little more challenging and a lot more fun.


Crazy Condiments

Make lunch or dinner more interesting with this ketchup and mustard prank from All For The Boys. All you need to recreate this trick are empty condiment bottles, red and yellow string, and washers. Your little ones will have hours of fun pretending to squirt each other.


Poppin' Pillow

Remove pillows from their pillowcases and replace with partially inflated balloons for a fun pillow prank suggested on The Today Show's website. The person laying down to rest will be in for an interesting surprise.


Dyeing To Brush Your Teeth

Your family won't even be safe in the bathroom with this toothbrush hoax from Love and Laundry. Simply add a few drops of food coloring to a toothbrush to give the unsuspecting user a colorful shock.


Sour Surprise

Let your kids try this water joke idea from The Newlywed Pilgrimage, and crack up at the hilarious results. Add a couple of drops of lemon juice to an unsuspecting family member's glass of water to give them a sour surprise.


Cereal Swap

Mix things up at the breakfast table with the cereal switcheroo trick from The Newlywed Privilege. Let your kids swap Dad's Cheerios for their Lucky Charms, and watch the surprise in his cereal bowl.


Sundae Swap

Everyone loves a good ice cream sundae. Except, of course, when that sundae is made of mashed potatoes instead of your favorite flavor of ice cream. Try the sundae swap trick from BuzzFeed and let your kids give someone a not-so-sweet surprise.


Up And Away

Let your kids try this simple balloon prank suggested by BuzzFeed. Place a helium ballon in the toilet and close the lid. The next person to use the toilet will be totally surprised when they see what's inside.