11 April Fool's Day Pranks To Play On Your Parents

If there's anything better than pranking your parents, it's pranking your parents and not taking the blame. If you no longer live with your parents, but are in close vicinity to them, these April Fool's Day pranks to play on parents are perfect. Not close enough to home? Enlist a sibling. No siblings? Utilize technology. It doesn't matter if you live with them, next to them, or across the country from them, you'll find a way to pull a prank on your parents this April Fool's Day.

You've got to do something to your parents on April Fool's Day, right? After all, they spent plenty of time torturing you during your formative years. Bad haircuts, questionable clothing choices, terrible family photos. Your mother deserves to have her teeth turned blue or the strange odor of chicken soup in the shower, while your father searches the entire car for signs of a fender bender or soaks himself completely on his way out the door. It'll make you laugh almost as much as those terrible bowl cuts.

And if you worry about your parents getting p*ssed over the jokes, just remind them that these parental-friendly April Fools' Day pranks are all in good fun.


Gummy Dentures

Fill up a glass of water, plop two of these bad boys in, and leave them on either your mom or your dad's nightstand. It doesn't matter who stumbles across them first, the reactions should be equally as priceless.


AutoCorrect Trickery

Snag your mom or dad's phone when you get the chance, and think of a phrase they use a lot. Then, go to Settings>General>Keyboard>Add New Shortcut. Type a ludicrous word or phrase into the Phrase field, and then type the phrase they use a lot into the Shortcut field. For example: If your mom says "love you" a lot, add "Sexy Sexy" into the Phrase field. Every time she types "love you" it will automatically change to "Sexy Sexy". The confusion is hilarious.


Faux Car Accident

Leave a note on your parent's windshield apologizing for a car accident that never happened. Even better if the car is still in their driveway.


Death Before Decaf

In my house, this would be a prank punishable by death. Exchange their regular coffee grinds for decaf or replace with chia seeds. Leave them wondering why they're tired all day, or why their coffee isn't brewing.


Temporary Tattoo

If you know you'll see your parents, find yourself a realistic looking temporary tattoo, and put it somewhere you can reveal it to them. Tell them you have a surprise. Make sure the tattoo is something questionable for the best effect.


Family Photos

Add a framed picture of someone ludicrous (i.e. Cher, Kim Jong Un) to your family's collection of family photographs, and wait to see how long it takes them to notice.


De-Suds The Soap

Paint a bar of soap with clear nail polish and place it back in the shower. It'll never suds up.


Sock Drawer Sillies

Carefully safety pin every pair of socks in the sock drawer together, so when they reach for one pair, they get more than they bargained for.


Spicy Toothbrush

Douse either one of your parent's toothbrushes in crazy hot hot sauce, then rinse it off so there's no coloring left on the toothbrush. Careful not to rinse too well, or it won't have the same effect.


Morning Spray

Put a rubber band on the sink sprayer, leaving it in the "on" position. Whoever turns the faucet on first in the morning is in for a surprise.


Tailpipe Pop

Put a balloon on the tailpipe of dad's car. It'll scare the pants off of him when he starts up the car.


Colored Teeth

Place a few drops of food coloring on your mother or father's toothbrush the night before. When they take it to their teeth, they'll be left with whatever color teeth you planned for them.


Bouillon Shower

Take a bouillon cube and place it in the shower head. Nothing like a chicken soup shower to start your day.