11 Awesome Harry Potter Tattoos To Alohomora Another Level Of Obsession

If you're like me, there's a good chance your love for Harry Potter knows no bounds. Whether you've read the series and cried your face off, or you watch the movies every time there's a marathon on television (and cry your face off), or reread the books every chance you get, you've come to the right place. Now that the days of waiting in line at midnight for the next installment are over, how are you to get your fix? By getting an awesome Harry Potter tattoo to show the world just how much J.K. Rowling truly rocks your world.

There are plenty of themes to pull from the books to satisfy your ink itch. Friendship, love, death, quotes, the glorious outline of Hogwarts itself... the possibilities are quite literally, endless. No matter what house you've been sorted into, there's a beautiful tattoo out there for you. I get overwhelmed — in a good way — just thinking about all the Harry Potter goodness out there. Stan for Sirius? Hearteyes for Harry? Dibs on Draco? Loving Lupin? Peruse through the stunning collection of ink below to get some inspiration, and let the nostalgia and magic wash over you. I dare you to get through this post without feeling a pang for Potter.


The Platform

Is there anything more iconic than the greatest platform in all the world? All true Potter fans will fistbump you once the see this bad boy.


Death Eater

Show off your allegiance to the Dark Lord by getting the dark mark on your forearm.


The Ones That Love Us...

"The ones that love us never really leave us." And the outline of Hogwarts? I dare you not to cry.


BFF Bolts

Matching lightning bolts for matching besties, what better way to show your love for each other and HP.



Yep. Another one that'll make you cry. After all this time? Always.


Potter's Glasses

Simple, attractive, and a strong statement. Yer a wizard, Harry.



This brutal spell in beautiful script is a perfect juxtaposition for any arm.


Hogwarts Crest

Can't decide which house you're in? Get all four inked on you, and you'll never have to choose.



Need a little reminder to light the way? This lumos tattoo is the perfect thing to keep you going.


Levio-sah, Not Levi-oh-suh

Embrace your inner Hermione with this beautiful floating feather.



The outline of Hogwarts with those page turning stars on your ankle? What better way to commemorate your love for the world of Harry Potter.