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11 Baby Boy Names Inspired By Current Female Leaders

When you've finally discovered the gender of your baby, your brain can go into overdrive with all the naming possibilities. Do you want to pay tribute to a family number? Are you into unique or traditional options? How many vetoes do you and your partner get? In fact, all of these questions can be a bit overwhelming, so sometimes it's best to take things back to the basics. For instance, you might want to consider baby boy names inspired by current female leaders so your son will grow up with a strong sense of gender equality.

If you're concerned about friends, family, frenemies, or strangers making a fuss over the fact that your munchkin's moniker was inspired by a female leader, you can always go with more subtle choices. Or, you can pick an easily identifiable name and encourage your son to learn more about the meaning behind his socially significant eponym.

Whether you go the nuanced or bold route with your naming process, you can take pride in the fact that you've given your child a moniker that bears tribute to someone who has brought about meaningful change in the world. So get ready for some great motivation with these baby boy names inspired by today's female leaders.



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Inspired by the Notorius RBG, also known as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Burg is a great spin on the Supreme Court Justice's name. From the German word for "mountain," Burg is a solid name for you future son to climb any challenges in life, no matter their size.



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Follow me on this one. Gloria Steinem is known for her achievments in journalism, activism, and feminism, according to Biography. Since Gloria means "glory," it makes sense to choose a moniker for your son with the same meaning, right? Stanis means "glory" in Russian and even sounds a little bit like Steinem. A creative twist on a glorious name.



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Michael is the masculine form of Michelle and one of the most notable current female leaders to bear that name is none other than the FLOTUS, Michelle Obama. Michael means "gift from God" in Hebrew, an option that is certainly divine.



Li Yinhe is a leader in women's rights issue in China and has stood up for the LGBT community, as well, according to The China Story Project. Li means "beautiful" in Chinese and is a wonderful, gender-neutral choice.




Though some might think of former president, Bill Clinton, the inspiration for this moniker comes from none other than Hillary Clinton. In a record-making win, Clinton became the first female presidential nominee, according to The New York Times, and inspired gender-equality across the nation. Clinton literally translates to "settlement on the River Glyme" in Old English, but it represents historical change.



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Known for The Color Purple and her outstanding work in the fields of feminism, racism, and social justice, activist and author, Alice Walker is an icon for both women and people of color. Another literal translation, the name Walker was a surname which meant "one who walks," in Old English. But your son can take creative liberty and be inspired to walk, protest, and lead for change.




Both Margaret and Marcus come from the Roman mythological god, Mars who was portrayed as a legendary leader in battle. A leader in her own battle for environmental changes is Margaret Atwood, an environmental activist and renowned author from Canada, according to her site. Who knows what causes your son will champion in the future?



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Some people see modeling as superficial, but Rain Dove has used fashion as a platform to create dialogue about LGBT issues and redefining gender norms. Literally meaning rain, the name Rain also means "advice or counsel" in Estonian, a gender-neutral option. And what makes a great leader if not their ability to offer sound advice and counsel?



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According to her official site, Elizabeth Warren made history in 2012 by becoming Massachussetts' first female senator. As an elected official she fights to defend her citizen and their causes. So it seems fitting that Warren means "loyal protector" in German. From the playground to politics, your son will be a wonderful leader with a name like Warren.



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History was made in 2009 when Sonia Sotomayor became the first Latina to be a Supreme Court Justice in the United States. A masucline form of Sonia, the name Sonny means "our son," which is quite fitting for your future boy.



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A leader in the realm of transgender rights, activist Janet Mock has inspired many people to embrace their true identity with bravery and dignity. A variant of Janet, the name Janyd means "god of new beginnings" in Latin American mythology and is typically used as a boy's name. Janyd is a lovely way to celebrate your own new beginning as a parent.