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11 Baby Names Based On Royal Dog Names For A Totally Pedigreed Title

by Lindsay E. Mack

Chances are, tons of newborn babies will be named Harry and Meghan in the coming months. But the real stars of the monarchy are by far the family pets. To put your own spin on the naming trend, consider the number of Royal dog names that make great baby names as well. Seriously, who wouldn't want to share a moniker with one of those famed corgis? It's one of the most unusual sources of name inspiration out there.

Granted, not all royal dog names translate well to human monikers. Bushy, Spick, and Span are all royal corgi names, as noted in Marie Claire. Those particular names might not works as well for humans, although I kind of love the idea of siblings who go by Spick and Span.

If the idea of naming your kid after a dog feels weird, remember that many dog people would consider it a high honor. Many of the dogs listed below were greatly loved during their time, and praised for being gentle and noble creatures. In fact, as noted by the Royal Family's official website, when a royal dog named Dash passed away in 1840, he was interred at Windsor Castle with this epitaph:

His attachment was without selfishness, His playfulness without malice, His fidelity without deceit, READER, if you would live beloved and die regretted, profit by the example of DASH.

Hey, most people would do well to leave such a legacy.



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Borzoi dogs, also known as Russian wolfhounds, are large, noble dogs that look like a fluffier version of the greyhound. The Royal Family received a Borzoi named Alex from Tsar Alexander III of Russia, according to the British Royal Family's official website, If the name Alex isn't doing it for you, consider the name of the family's other Borzoi, Vassilka.



If you're familiar with any royal dog from history, it's probably this guy. He's kind of famous. Edward VII's terrier Caesar followed the king everywhere he went, and the little dog even walked behind the coffin at his funeral, according to



Queen Victoria’s Cavalier King Charles Spaniel went by the name Dash. The dog was such a favorite that she was given a portrait of Dash as a birthday present when she turned 17, according to Hey, it looks like people have been obsessed with capturing cute pictures of their pets since always.



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The British aren't the only pet-loving royals. The French King Louis XIV was renowned for his toy poodles, the favorite of which was named Filou, according to Give It Love. The name means "trickster" in French.



King Edward VII’s favorite Irish Terrier went by the name Jack, according the Royal Collection Trust. Jack unfortunately passed while on a trip to Ireland and the then-King is believed to have kept a locket containing strands of his beloved pooch's hair.



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This was the first corgi that Queen Elizabeth came to personally own when she was 18. In 1944, princess Elizabeth was given a corgi named Susan for her birthday, as noted in People. All of the Queen's corgis are descendants of this particular dog, who apparently made quite the impression on young Elizabeth.



I love this beautiful name. It's another corgi moniker, according to Vanity Fair, and it sounds so lovely and romantic.



Marie Antoinette had a pug named Mops she was forced to leave at the border of France when she left Austria, according to Geri Walton's website. Thankfully, she was able to retrieve Mops later on, who likely went on to live a fine life at Versailles.



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Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Prince William and Kate Middleton acquired a black cocker spaniel and named it Lupo. If you're currently obsessing over all things royals related, then there is no name more fitting for your little one than Lupo. It's unique and sounds regal for a human, or a dog.



Flora is one of The Queen's many corgis, according to Vanity Fair. It's also an appropriate moniker if you have an obsession with flowers.



Zemira the Italian greyhound was the beloved pet of Catherine the Great of Russia, according to Piccino Italian Greyhounds. She even kept a porcelain figure of the dog in the great hall of her palace as a memorial after its death.